Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Boy's stuff with Andy

Hi, this is Andy! Let me tell you about my adventure in the snow. She took me along yesterday to town, and we left Ann at home because the weather was so cold. I borrowed a cap from a nice bear who lives in the house too, and the scarf Ann used last time we were out in the snow. The guy who borrowed his cap is called Uppis, and he can write poems and all. He belongs to DS1. Here we are testing Mr. K's snow pushers and showel; they are a bit big for us.

So She took me with her and we walked to the station. On the way we saw several machines trying to open the roads for traffic and clear the parking lots. It was exciting!

This was a small tractor in the park. The path is funny, it only goes round a pond, and you have to cross the lawn - or in this case climb over a snow bank - to use this short cut to the local café or the beautician.

A bigger backhoe was clearing the parking lot between the two grocery stores. It would be fun drivng one of these!

A little pickup truck was pushing snow at the railway station. The driver didn't like Her taking pictures, and She was upset how unaesthetic the result was. Not the photos of course, but his job. He left an awful lot of loose snow on the ground, and made big snowbank in front of the mailbox.  Well, you have seen our yard and how He does things. Someone could call that style. The Art of Pushing Snow, by Mr. K.!

The roof of the underpass had snow caps on:

And there was no way we could sit on the bench waiting for the train. Luckily it was only ten minutes late, and we were sitting in the waiting room anyway.

Then we arrived in Järvenpää. Bigger town, bigger machines, She said, but I was a little nervous about this one:

It was coming right at us, and there was nowhere She could jump with her bad legs, anyway, because we seemed to be stuck between the backhoe and this:

Of course She didn't jump in the snow but kept a cool head (easy at these temperatures, I would say), and just took pictures of the giant:

... well, its tyre prints only.  Then the camera battery went flat or it was just too cold for it, and we didn't get a picture of a little pavement snow plow, or me drinking hot chocolate at the café (they don't put marshmallows in it here, but whipped cream is good too). She had just some tea and didn't eat anything, because She didn't want to go and brush Her teeth and leave me alone at the table. (I can't got to the Ladies, can I?) Did you know She has braces? She says they make her look younger. Some teenager, with grey hair and wrinkles and arthritis! She is a bit childish, though, and I can see that She likes playing with us.

After the chocolate we run her errands and went to her gym, and then  He came to meet us for the big grocery shopping and to take us home.

End of story. I think I will be friends with Uppis. I'll have a chat with him when I thank him for lending me his cap. It was a good one, but doesn't go too well with my hair (exactly the same color!). Ann had just been watching birds while we were away, and taking a nap. She gave us the little granny square blanket she made last spring when she first learnt to crochet those squares. Good for naps! OK, this is the end. Enjoy the snow! Maybe She   will knit me a beanie of my own, if I say Pretty Please? The End.


Just one more thing: the blanket picture is from last spring, of course, there is still an awful lot of snow here, and more is coming. Mr. K has grown some muscles pushing all that snow. Bye bye now!


  1. Even another lovely but cold trip with Andy Ulla. Your so great take us on this ride.
    Uff all that snow, we are longing for spring now right!!

  2. I'm sure Ann, Andy, and the K family will be happy to see Spring! We've had warmer temps and rain to help melt the snow. It's mushy and messy now.

  3. What fun to take Andy out for the day! Sometimes I take my sock monkey places. He always seems to bring a smile to the faces of passers-by.

  4. I'm exhausted just reading about the little trek. What a great adventure for little Andy.

  5. What a great day you had Andy! You should be nice and polite and tell Her thank you!

  6. What a wonderful trip- it was exciting to see your part of Finland Andy. I bet you were as excited too. I expect you are used to the snow though coming from Ohio.

    Ulla is one of the dearest teenagers I know with or without braces so take good care of her like a gentleman. :-)

  7. Gosh that snow is amazing. I have never seen so much in one place and its so thick. What a wonderful fun time you had Andy. It is so nice of Ulla to take you out on an adventure.

  8. You still have so much snow!!!What a fun day with Andy! The blanket is lovely, I think it would be fun to sew and to knit some clothes for them.

  9. Sounds like a fun time with Andy! Just curious how big is that granny square blanket? I'd like to see a picture with Andy or Ann on it to see the size comparison...but then I don't know how big Ann and Andy are, LOL! Is it a doll sized blanket or a people sized one??? Just curious. :)
    ~TattingChic ♥


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