Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Getting finally started...

... with the custom order giant wall hanging for my friend. I have been suffering from the same block syndrome as writers sometimes have with empty sheets of paper, although it nowadays may be an empty screen as well. I have been collecting ideas, making plans, writing notes, looking at fabrics - and having cold feet. Some weeks ago I made the first move and painted two sky panels, but then I ran out of time and emulsion, so the rest of the skies have to wait.

On Sunday I took some newspapers and started cutting houses to the size I imagined they would be in a landscape 6 meters long and 1.15 meters high. This was my sketch:

I'm starting with the first panel on the left, morning sky and reddish houses. Now I have 4 houses cut, and I'm thinking how to place them. I have ironed the "ground" fabric but I will cut it later, when I know how high it will come.

Windows and doors and other details will come later. I think the first brown house will come a little higher. There will not be any real prespective, not every detail. The room this will be made for is not a very big one, and the viewer will always be close. I hope I don't need to start over many times! Luckily, my friend left me with a big plastic bag full of her fabrics for the project, and I know I have enough. (And in case I ruined all her fabrics, I think I have some to spare in my own stash!)

While waiting for courage to start cutting the houses, I made some nine patch blocks for  The Quilt for Illene Lyn from Bluebird Quilts is making for her friend. These will be on their way to Australia today:


Naturally, the fabrics are from my stash!


  1. I like your idea for the wall hanging, but I see how hard it is to make it. Nice blocks for Illene's Quilt!

  2. I'm no good with sketching. Love how you've used the pretty pencils to form your idea. Sometimes it's hard to make a start but once you do it's easier to work on. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  3. You are very talented. I love seeing your creative process.

  4. From seeing your sketch, your quilt is going to be wonderful, Ulla! I wish I could draw my ideas, but they would only look like stick figures!

  5. Wow you are realy fairless, I am impressed.. Good luck with your new project.. Marits quilt on my blogg is made with houses but I had a pattern to hang on to.

  6. Oh my, that certainly is a big wall hanging. I wouldn't know where to start. I am looking forward to seeing the progress.

  7. A big project. Looking forward to seeing progress.

  8. Well done Ulla I think the scale ca be a bit daunting but now you have an idea of that it should be easier. Love the colours the buildings will be.

    Lovely blocks for Lyn too. So kind


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