Tuesday 9 February 2010

Snow Fun

Hi! It's me, Raggedy Ann. You remember how Andy and I came here last year from Ohio? Well, after the cute tea party we have mainly been sitting on the windowsill watching birds and hares and squirrels. I have been watching dust too, and then I always tell Her to sweep the stairs so I can breathe again. She only cares about sewing and cooking and washing and cleaning downstairs or upstairs, and keeps forgetting the mid-stairs where we live.
Let me tell you what Andy and I did yesterday, when She was - again - just sitting by the computer: We ran out!

I found a wool scarf in Their drawer and wrapped it around me, but Andy didn't want one, because he is a boy and you know how boys are. It was not a cold day, only -2C or 28F like we still like to think. It takes time to get used to new thermometers and all. The snow is pretty high! This is how much it has snowed since Christmas.

We wanted to slide downhill, like the local kids do. It was great fun! Over and over again.

Mr. K has pushed snow from the driveway like this, making perfect hills of snow for us to play in. But guess what? After a while I was getting cold, even in my scarf. And Andy said his bum was freezing! No wonder they wear such warm clothes here when they go out, and mittens and wool socks in their big boots. All boys have to wear long underpants in winter as long as their mother has anything to say! Girls wear such things too, but they call them leggings, and it doesn't sound so bad.

Our noses were red, but the cheeks felt quite red and warm too, from all the climbing and sliding. The other cheeks sure felt COLD! So we had to go back in and brush the snow from our clothes and shoes so She would not notice what we had done. Of course She noticed, but She is not the angry type. She let us sit on the radiator until our clothes were dry, and then She promised to type this story tomorrow, because my hands are not, how should I put it, keyboard friendly. No: the keyboard is not doll friendly. There is nothing wrong with me!

Keep warm, everyone!



  1. LOL it looks like you had a lovely play time Ann and Andy. You should really get out more often and have many Finnish adventures- when you are warmed up of course. :-)

    Big hugs Ulla

  2. Well I hope both sets of cheeks are now toasty warm. Perhaps they need some warmer winter cloths to play in the Finnish winter snow. :o) Cute.

  3. Ooooooo what a darling post!

    I have a Raggedy Ann and Andy which my mom made for our oldest daughter - - - but the feet are all split out. I don't know how to repair them, but I WISH I did.

  4. What a lovely little story. Do they have their own quilt?

  5. What a sweet story Ulla. Ann and Andy looks perfect outside and they made me smile ;-))
    Just the the little story I needed today.. THANK YOU!

  6. Too cute!! Love the pictures and story!!

  7. So sweet!!! Ann and Andy are very adorable :)

  8. Love the story, Ulla! I think they feel fine in Finnland and they are happy to live with you! Hope to hear from Ann and Andy again!

  9. :-) Makes me smile ear to ear. Yes.. that is a good idea.. they do need their own quilt. :-)

  10. I wonder if they missed Aunty Eileen ? Happy Chinese New Year!


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