Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Stash Use Update

January is over and it is time for me to see how I managed with my own challenge of using my stash.
First the incoming stash: only one plaid shirt for 2 € from the thrift shop, a colour I needed for the Shadow Plaid quilt still on my list. Pretty good, I think.

Fabric used from stash:

1) A Christmas Wish BOM quilt completely from stash, 75 x 75 cm finished size

2) So far 8 pillowcases for the Hole in the Wall Gang's summer camps through Jackie:

3) three blocks for Abbe who is making a purple quilt for a dear friend:

4) by Sunday evening 28 string blocks which also qualify for Stephanie's No Strings Attached challenge:

5) I almost forgot the Country Calendar quilt!

Not too bad at all! February is such a short month so it will be difficult to beat January's results.

It has been snowing again, 8 inches since yesterday. I was clearing the driveway from the snow the snowplowman left there when plowing the street and the cycle path. It took me over an hour, and once I sank in the snow as deep as over my knees when I was taking the snow away from the street. I felt like a little girl when I came back in with my boots full of snow, my hair clinging to my forehead all sweatty, and my cheeks red like tomatoes. I even wanted to drink some cocoa, like when I was little. This time I had to make it myself.


  1. Beautiful your works.
    Here we are in the summer, very ho, 34º C. Hugs from BRAZIL

  2. Good for you. I'm thrilled to say I'm using up fabrics on hand too. Such pretty fabrics in your string blocks. Stay warm.

  3. I'd say that your January was a success using up your stash. Alas, we still have no snow...

  4. Hi Ulla I can just picture you coming in from the snow like a little girl. :-)

    Fabulous work for just one month. Your Christmas Wish came out beautifully.

    It is so good when we can make something for someone less fortunate.

  5. Lots of lovely sewing projects finished in a month - well done!
    Great snow photos too. Sound like hard work moving the snow.

  6. Ulla, your snow photo is beautiful. I am so amazed by everything you have achieved this month, well done you, fantastic.
    hugs Deb

  7. January was a very prolific month! It is so nice to use up the stash, your projects are coming out beautifully! The hot chocolate sure made you feel warm and put up a smile on your face, too!

  8. Well I think you are doing just great! And your Christmas embroideries look lovely. I guess if you've been having that much snow then you have to stay inside and amuse yourself!!!
    It always surprises me how heavy snow is, our gutters are all bent from the fall before Christmas, but as we continue to get regular small falls of snow there's not much point repairing them until early summer I guess.

  9. All your projects are wonderful, Ulla! I just love how you did the Christmas BOM - it just sparkles!
    I hope you didn't get hurt while you were shoveling snow! You definitely deserved a great hot chocolate after that!

  10. You have done a wonderful job Ulla.. I am off doing some UFO's and it feels good to do some finishing from time to time...


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