Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Accordeon book

Today I have been working on the book project. This was what I had in the morning:

And before lunch it was this far:

And in the afternoon I had finished attaching the pictures to the pages.

This is going to be an accordeon book for the really small readers. I'm making another one with 8 pages for a little older ones, also without text. Both will be soft and washable. The red ball on the green page has a nice surface with round little chunks, and the teddy bear (still waiting for his face) has a stuffed belly. All edges are sewn with satin stitch and they are raised a little so the child can follow the lines with her finger. These things are important, when a person can not see very well or has difficulties with the use of her sight. Others can just take them as a bonus. I hope to have the first book ready tomorrow.

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