Friday, 29 February 2008

Happy homecoming and lovely mail

Look what I found yesterday when I came home:

My own self-made daughter, here showing me the new program to make my fotos better. She is the technical genius behind this blog, a treasure in more than one sense. (She is aka paperiaarre , which is Finnish for 'paper' and 'treasure'). And then today the mail brought me these:

Inside was this:

And this:

from Karen. The brooch is absolutely beautiful and just what I wanted, and the piece of embroidery will be framed. My own work is so different that they couldn't be combined, and I just want to be able to look at this whenever I want. Thank you Karen!

No more text today, I want to enjoy the company of Kaija. Tomorrow we will go to Helsinki to a handicraft fair! I look forward to it, it will be such fun going there together and comment everything and do some shopping.


  1. Hej igen
    Nu är jag tillbaka, datorn har varit på "verkstaden" och nu går allt snabbare. Du hade ställt en fråga på min blogg. Texten är på tyg, i skrivaren. Det går också att göra med bubbeljet och vaxat papper.
    Ha en trevlig helg.

  2. Hej Ewa-Christine,
    tack för svaret. Det med bubbeljet och vaxat papper har jag också gjort.

  3. Hi Ulla. It is lovely to see Kaija looking relaxed despite the stress of moving house. It is also good to see your workspace, now I can imagine you sitting there blogging!

  4. Hi Karen, notice the big red Finnish-English dictionary and the little white glossary of arts and crafts (a present from Kaija), necessary tools.

  5. Hi Ulla! I really enjoyed your description about blogging being like flying a plane when you quite don't know how. And how Kaija was directing you over the phone. It was so funny and sounded familiar. Just like my own dad. Except it's almost impossible for me to show up at his study to give advice in person... Ha ha.

  6. Hi Susanna, it is your generation's job to advice our generation when it comes to computers and mobile phones and digital cameras. You have grown up with these modern things and we with the typewriters where the letter arms would get jammed together and phones had round dials etc. We we just seem to be stupid but really are not.


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