Tuesday, 12 February 2008

New project in progress

Today I have been busy with these:

and these:

They are the result of my Sunday's thinking and now on their way to be a little book or two. The bigger pieces will be the pages and the little rests will make the pictures. I keep my fingers crossed that my sewing machine will perform the satin stitches nicely ( in Finnish we actually say we keep the thumbs up, either way is very unconvenient when you have to hold the fabric at the same time) ;) . The machine is normally as obedient as anyone can wish for, but when I have a deadline, it often gets nervous and starts making jump stitches.

One example of the not very good cooperation of my Pfaff and me is this little quilt I intended for Nuppupeitto, a charity project for premature babies. They get a mini sized quilt or blanket from the hospital to keep as a memento of the time they spent at the hospital just growing and getting some strength before going home. Since both my sons were born prematurely, this project touched me more closely than many others I have participated. Anyway, this quilt ended up being my first attempt of free machine quilting:

It is far too stiff for a tiny little baby, and so I never took it to the hospital with the other ones I quilted more lightly. And then I have another one still waiting to be taken to the babies:

This one was at the exhibition of my sewing group when I donated the others. I always wanted to try this pattern, and the baby quilt was a suitably small project to be sewn by hand (by this time Kaija's quilt was taking a rest). The quilt is bound at the corners of the blocks only, and it is my favourite of all Nuppupeitto quilts I have made so far.

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  1. Ulla, these are beautiful quilts with a beautiful reason for making them.


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