Friday, 1 February 2008

After Work

Yesterday was my busy day in a nice way. In the evening I had my sewing class/group, a quiet one this week because we were just 4 and the teacher. I finished the apron I started a week ago for my daughter, and I made some doll's clothes for a Unicef rag doll. The apron may not become Kaija's favourite in spite of the tool pocket, because the fabric seems to be that awful clingy kind that forms a knot in your lap when you walk. It looked OK, thick and soft and dark brown, just waiting for hands to be wiped clean. I'll try rinsing it with fabric softener.

I have had two favourite aprons my mother has made for me of dark, thick cotton fabrics. Both have been worn until there were holes in the pockets and the strings were just a collection of threads. After having dutifully served they ended up in this:

I called this quilt Töiden jälkeen, or After Work, because it is made of men's old flannel shirts and other heavy, dark shirts they have worn to work, and of my old working clothes, the aprons. There are some bits of children's clothes as well, including our old skirt I have shown with my very first Unicef rag doll shown here. The yellow frame is the same fabric I used for Chu-Hua, the Chinese Unicef doll. The backing is new plaid flannel in beige and red. I used to sleep in a recling chair under this quilt many, many nights when my shoulder was newly operated and I couldn't find a painless position in my bed. This is my comfort quilt, and it gave me the idea of a series of other quilts I made in 2006.


  1. Hi Ulla. I love the fact that you have used old cloth with memory attached for this quilt. It is so beautiful. Memories have such power and it means that old clothes, aprons etc continue to have a life.

  2. Very beautiful quilt,I agree with Karen!


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