Saturday, 16 February 2008

Not exactly a world literature classic

Yesterday when my husband came home, I told him I finally finished the book. He asked me how it was. I was a little puzzled, but then I told him the truth: there was hardly a plot, but there was a certain depth in the main character. Easy to read.

Why did it take you so many weeks then, he asked. At that point I had to admit I wasn't talking about my Christmas present, Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of Loss.

I explained it was this book I had been making all over our dining table and living room and downstairs in our "Hobby Hall" where my sewing machine and his fly-tying bench are. He looked rather pleased, because he obviously thought it ment clearing the table at least.

But he didn't know I just only started the other book with more pages ;)
Kiran Desai will be ready after 90 pages.
Today was the first day for the sun to rise before eight o'clock. The day is nearly three and a half hours longer now than it was just before Christmas. It is a promise there will be spring and summer too. That is the theme of my other book as well.


  1. hej!
    lovely book!
    about the lemon soup, it is the hot water with the mannagryn and raisins that should be poured over the egg whip (thanks for the comment, I updated the recipe!). and do make it, it is wonderful to eat!

  2. Love the book. I'm sure it is a very relaxing read.


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