Saturday, 9 August 2008

100th post and Giveaway

My few faithful readers will have noticed by now that recycling is important for me. And not throwing anything away because it can maybe used later for something. I have learned this from my mother and developed it further. Here is an example of her recycling. (You also know that I always wear aprons, so I naturally need many of them.) This much-used apron she made me used to be a fabric stretched to the wall by my and my baby sister's bed and cot so the wallpaper would keep clean and we would have nice pictures to watch. I have used the apron so much that the colours have faded and the yellow stains will not go away. The print is by Maija Isola and its name is Nalle Puh (Winnie the Pooh). The manufacturer's name was Printex, which later became Marimekko. Maija Isola continued working for Marimekko many years.

As this is my 100th post, I thought Marimekko's retro print Nalle by Maija Isola's daughter Kristiina would make a nice present. I sewed an eco bag using this fabric, and made it with just two seams and without cutting the bottom corners. This way you can rip the seams and use it for something else if you already have enough eco bags and never use plastic bags!

The bag can be folded into its own inside pocket so it will only take little space in the handbag:

Then I collected a little goodie bag from my stash: some lace, hand crocheted lace and ribbon, some embroidery threads, and some vintage darning threads (unfortunately not in this year's eurocolor for stockings), and some buttons in a Marimekko's Pirput parput tin box.

This gift will be sent anywhere in the world with nice stamps. All you have to do is comment to this post by Monday the 18th of August. To make it more fun, I would like you to tell me your favourite character in the Winnie the Pooh books, and any memories connected to this book, if you will.

If you are interested in quilting and giveaways, Jen of Crafty Giveaways is having a lovely giveaway until Wednesday the 13th of August. She is giving away ready sewn blocks for an Irish Chain quilt!

I have finally been working on my summer stash challenge quilt again. I started stitching in the ditch and am now about 1/3 done. There is so much space between the needle and the machine on the right that it is a pleasure to work:

The two lamps also make it easier, and the spotty gloves. I will not finish the quilt before my holiday next week, because I need to wash and iron and pack, and clean the house; and the quilt would anyway be too big to take along to sew the binding during the holiday. We are going to a cottage with no access by car, and make the last bit by boat. I better take a small hand sewing project along, and a good book. I'll be back on Thursday night and need a day for unpacking and washing and ... and reading all your blogs. On Monday the 18th I will pick a name and find out who will get the giveaway gift. Take care!


  1. Oh what an amazing give away! I adore Marimekko and would be happy with the tin alone. The apron is beautiful, what an heirloom to have. I'm afraid I wasn't a huge winnie the pooh fan myself as a child, more Famous Five, but my daughter loved Winnie the Pooh and tigger was her favourite, she even had winnie the pooh wellingtons.
    Have an amazing holiday, the place you are going to sounds lovely.

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post, Ulla! Your give away is so lovely! And so practical, too! Typical you:o))
    I still like tigger very much, the way he springs and jumps and laughs always cheers me up!
    Have a nice time at the cottage, it sounds like a cosy place to take some rest! And to hand sew!

  3. what a wonderful giveaway! i'm going with tigger, since that was my childhood nickname. i've always been a ball of energy!

  4. I love your giveaway prizes, all lovely. I always related more to Eeyore as a child, kind of lost and unsure of myself, fortunately I grew out of that. I loved the actual books, especially the maps on the inside cover. We had an original set of all the stories, my mother was a children's librarian, so books were a treasure.
    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  5. First, congrats on your 100th post!

    Love the bag, would love to own it. :)

    My favorite character is Tigger. In high school we were the tigers and used tigger a lot in things. :)

    scblog at hotmail dot com

  6. Congrats on your 100th post, Ulla! That fabric is super cute!!! My fave character would be Eeyore because he's the closest thing to a horse :P
    Thank You!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  7. what a lovely bag! and the sewing goodies are fab, too. my favorite pooh character are kanga and roo. i have a thing for kangaroos :)

  8. I love Tigger. He's such a happy cute guy!

  9. wow how cool i love to win this thanks

  10. Because I love purple my favorite character would have to be Eeyore all the way.


  11. enjoy looking round your blog - i so admire you ladies w/skills for crafts/sewing, etc. . . in answer to your give-a-way - tiger for sure was my favorite - why - my family had a pet cat when i was young that shared the same name - since then. . .i once again have a tiger & he has a bit of tiger's goofy traits, excuse the disney punn, lol!

  12. That's very kind of you to collect such goodies for the crafters among know just what we like!
    Ya know, I didn't read Winnie the Pooh when I was little but rather read him with my son when HE was little so my son IS my attachment to Winnie the Pooh. I would say that Piglet is our favorite.

  13. Hia Ulla, have a wonderful holiday away from it all. I hope you get your holiday projects done.

    What a wonderful story about the fabric. It is so special to you.

    I am a Tigger fan because no matter how Rabbit tries to supress him, he always bounces back up. I have a soft spot for Piglet too. He was my favourite as a child- so gentle spirited.

    have you ever read the Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff? Interesting reading.

  14. Congratulations Ulla!! Your give away is great, and I love your apron. I didn't read Winnie the Pooh as a child, but I did for my daughter and for my granddaughter. Eeyore is the favourite for us! We wonder if Eeyore is a male or female......

  15. Congrats on # 100! What a cute giveaway. I have to say eeore is my fav because I new a guy i thought sounded like him when he talked and I thought he was him in body. Kids think weird I know. Thanks Karen

  16. Ulla,
    Enjoy a lovely Holiday and spend some time relaxing and doing something for yourself... The apron is beautiful and what a wonderful sentimental story. My mother could recycle practically anything being born during the depression and that has rubbed off on me, much to the dismay of my sweet husband who likes to throw everything away:)
    Congrats on your 100th post and all the encouraging comments you leave to all of us!
    Your giveaway is lovely a thoughtful giveaway. We started using ecco friendly bags this year.
    I love Winnie the Pooh and all the characters are delightful. I'll pick Tigger because he makes me smile.
    Again, enjoy a lovely Holiday!

  17. Eyeore is my favorite-Oh Bother- was said more than once in a while at our house. My kids loved Whinnie and his friends. They each had their favorite but when I spoke the Eyeore voice, they laughed and really enjoyed him the most. Yes, we are an Eyeore family.....
    Thanks for the opportunity here.

  18. Lovely apron and it makes it kind of special that your mother made it. Mothers are great.
    My favorite is Winnie the pooh himsels, he ha all this nice comments. Your bag is just beautiful...

  19. the wonderful thing about tiggers are wonderful things!!

    nice contest!

  20. Congrats on your 100th post!!! That is a great milestone to reach!!!

    As for my favorite, well, Tigger of course. He's the best!!!

  21. My daughter's name is Roo (no relation to Kanga, contrary to most of my family's opinion!) but I think Eeyore might be my favorite Pooh character...

  22. I adore Marimekko and would be happy with the tin alone.

  23. Moi Ulla!
    I love your blogsite,and I have always loved Marimekko...
    Congratulations on your 100th post!

  24. Wow your so creative!! You have a true gift!!
    Thanks for being so nice! Have a great weekend!

  25. I always had a soft spot for Eeyore because he's just such a sad sack. He sounds so miserable and I feel sorry for him.

  26. Congratulations! My favorite is Winni the Pooh.

  27. Oh what an amazing give away!

  28. Hi. Congratulations on your 100th. I know I'm late with the greeting but I'm glad I found your blog through article at etsy that featured your daughter. Happiness!


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