Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Haunted boxes

I'm not much of a gardener. I plant summer flowers in these boxes and put them on the veranda banister, pick off the faded flowers and water them. That is all I need to feel happy. But I think the flowers should behave and not jump to the ground. This box made the 2 meter dive landing flower side down on the lawn:

I put it in the corner to avoid further diving. I lost two thirds of the flowers. This is how the obedient flowers look like (when they are really thirsty):

And these naughty ones did two dives. At the first time they even broke their box so I planted the survivors in three smaller pots. Two pots jumped down another time! Now they have to sit on the veranda floor for the rest of the summer. I don't know whether it was the wind or a cat who helped the flowers jump, but it has never happened before.

The summer is turning into autumn, it was really chilly this morning. The harvest time has started. At the end of July I made some cherry jam of cherries my sister-in-law picked. Now the birds have eaten the rest of the cherries. This afternoon when coming from the village I noticed that the raspberries in my father-in-law's garden were ready to be picked:

I went in and took a bowl, and in just a little time I had picked these for him:

They brought him multiple joy: first when I fetched the bowl and told I was going to pick him raspberries. Then when I came in with the berries and showed them to him. And the third time he was happily surprised when he came to the kitchen and saw the lovely bowl of raspberries waiting for him. He would never have guessed I had brought them just for him, and from his own garden. He will be equally surprised every time he opens the fridge and sees some berries, just for him.
My next post will be the 100th, and there will be a giveaway! On Monday I will go on holiday and be back on Thursday next week. I think Friday 15th will be the day I choose the winner.


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! And I was ready to jump into your blog and eat the raspberries.

  2. Beautiful flowers, Ulla! They are always a pleasure! Raspberries, yummi, yummi! I love müsli with strawberries and raspberries!
    I'll be looking foward to your 100th post, that is great!

  3. What beautiful pictures...the flowers and raspberries are gorgoeus!

  4. Morning Ulla- I tried to post last night but Blogger was down.

    I suspect a cat if it's a stray gust of wind would weighing the planters down with a brick of something inside help? I had to do this with a tree in a bucket over the Winter.

    I love frozen raspberries- I suck them like iced lollies. LOL Fresh fruit is wonderful.

    Congratulations on 99 posts so far!

  5. This is absolutely hilarious about the flower boxes. You can almost see them with evil little grins.

    Delicious lookin raspberries! You are very sweet to pick them and make your papa some jam. I'm sure he loves you with all his heart.

  6. Realy funny flowerstory !! I am not a very big flowerist ether.
    Your harvest are beautiful, I love the " markjordbær".( I do not know the english word for small strawberry. Can anyone enlighten/ teach me??)
    Take care..

  7. Your raspberries look so delicious! So funny about the flowers, but so nice to have the flowers to look at anyway. It looks very beautiful where you live.

  8. Yum, they look delicious..such a pretty colour! Congratulations on your 'almost' 100th post..enjoy the holiday.


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