Monday, 25 August 2008

Challenge Quilt is finished!

There it is, hanging on the kitchen door railing like I usually photograph my quilts. It took me all summer but not all the time. The top and binding are from stash, backing and batting I bought for this quilt because I don't usually have them in my stash. All the stash fabrics are also recycled garments, mostly my DH's shirts. This quilt is for him. I'm still thinking about a name for the quilt, so the label will be added later.

The batting is 80 g/m2 polyester, like in most of my quilts. The cotton or wool battings require shopping trips to the "big world" so I have only used cotton once, for my daughter Kaija's hand-sewn Grandmother's Garden quilt.

Machine quilting in ditch was easy with my new sewing machine, the bulk of the quilt was no problem there.

The reverse looked quite nice when I was fastening the quilt top edge to the railing: the light coming through the lighter pieces. In real life the backing is just brown and back striped lightweight shirt flannel.
Well, girls on the bottom part of the list on the right: this is the final week to get the job done! My name will move to the asterisk group today, how about yours? I'll be visiting the blogs and looking for signs of progress. Is it so that for each job to be done all the available time will be used? If I have a month to leave an application, I will leave it in the last week. If the apples need to be picked this week, I probably pick them on Friday. The last of August is next Sunday, so you better pick up your quilt top and make a plan how to finish it. And tell us that you have done it! Who would want to be without the beautiful, framed badge allowed only for those who finished the challenge quilt on time?


  1. I simply love the way the back looks through the railing. Beautiful job. I'm sure your dear husband loves it very much, I know it was filled with love in the making.

  2. Your husband is so lucky, how wonderful that you managed to incorporate fabrics from his old shirts!! Its fabulous, I love it :o).
    Joy :o)

  3. You did a wonderful job! It would be nice to tell the story of using your husband's shirts on the back label. This is a quilt that should be passed down from generation to generation!

  4. Wow Ta da... Your quilt are so beautiful, I love it. And you have reused fabrics, lots and lots of memories there!!
    Take care and take a nice cup of tea to celebraite...

  5. I love that this quilt was made from your husbands shirts - it has such a nice masculine feel to it! The quilting looks wonderful. I think I need a machine like yours!

  6. Ulla, this is so beautiful! I love everything about this quilt--the design, the colors, the recycled fabric, the way you placed the fabric, the back of the quilt. It is really excellent in so many ways. It is a simple design that looks traditional yet contemporary and complex at the same time. Congratulations on finishing with time to spare and for such a creative use of fabric! Just love this quilt!


  7. Ulla,
    Your quilt turned out wonderful! I love that you used fabrics with memories and recycled them into something beautiful, warm and useful. You have a family treasure, even a family history heirloom which has been worn by your husband and sewn so incredibly
    lovely by you.
    Congratulations for getting it done. I am a 'pick the apples lady on Friday' also...My quilt is coming:)!

  8. Ulla this quilt is wonderful! So beautiful with old fabrics! Very very lovely!

  9. Beautiful Ulla, it took time I didin´t see this kind of blocks.

  10. Your quilt turned out so beautiful! It is a wonderful present for your husband, with all the memories and the the love you put in every stitch!
    Congratulations! I'm sure you will get a lot of loving hugs in return!

  11. Ulla,

    What a beautiful quilt. Great job!


  12. I love scrap quilts, they are my favorite. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful.

  13. Well done Ulla, you did a wonderful job. I love the subtle colours and the alternating hues. Beautiful a real job to be proud of.

    Somewhere I have a recipe for Windfall Jelly- for the little apples which weren't quite ready for that gust of wind. It's been a bit rainy and blowy here, but so much to do.

  14. Love your quilt and your use of shirt plaids. I have a stack of plaid that are just waiting to be used up and your quilt would be perfect for me to duplicate (do you mind?).

  15. I just found your blog. I love the quilt you made for your hubby; it reminds me of a forest; all the changing colors of the trees!
    Sooz in NV

  16. I love your quilt. It looks so cozy.


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