Tuesday, 19 August 2008

My new bag

This is my new shoulderbag. I prefer handsfree handbags, and for many years now I have mainly used roomy bags like this:

It is made of natural linen, and the lining is the same brown checkered cotton as my Brownie apron. (I'll look stylish anyway, even if I forget to take the apron off when I go shopping!) The only thing wrong with linen is that it is not very durable. I only had my olg bag for three or four years, and a few weeks ago I noticed that there was a hole on the side that touches my hip. There had been something hard like a notebook in the corner of the inside pocket and this had caused the hole in the linen. This time I stamped me a little logo:

I also added a snap hook for my keys, and a little pen pocket. The mobile phone pocket has been in every bag, with the phones getting smaller the pocket is also smaller now. It closes with a loop and a button.

The shoulder strap length is adjusted by a knot. Sometimes I want it long, going across my chest and back, and sometimes shorter, to be worn on the side. There is also a big zippered pocket. This is a very good bag, and I made it for myself!

This is also a partial explanation why I still have no progress to show on my challenge quilt; I have other things to do as well. But I have been quilting too, and I'm sure the quilt will be finished by the end of August, like originally planned.

Yesterday when I announced the giveaway winner, I was tired after a very bad night and I totally forgot to tell you the results of the query. There were 27 comments but five people didn't answer the question, so 22 votes were given. Tigger was the winner here, 10 people thought he was the best. Eeyore gained much sympathy, 8 people liked him most. Then came Winnie the Pooh himself with 2 fans. Kanga and Roo together had one vote and so did Piglet. I was the only one whose favourite character was Christopher Robin.


  1. fin väska, det är snyggt i linnetyg och bra modell

  2. I never did get here to comment on Winnie the Pooh.. wha-a-a! I would have voted for Eeyore. But congratulations to the winner!

    I totally love that bag. I would want it to last forever! Very pretty.. and your new label is great!

  3. That's a perfect bag, Ulla! It's great to make a bag for yourself with pockets in precisely the right places.
    Is this a pattern you designed yourself? I'm impressed with the notion of tying the handles to the length you want. Such a good idea!

  4. Lovely idea to have the knotted handle. I have one but the straps are too short for me to wear across my body if I am wearing a thick cardigan. Yours is simply beautiful in subtle colours which will go with anything.

    So sorry to hear about your kamakazi plants. Perhaps they are in training for the synchronised diving Olympic team? ;-) Such a shame though seriously.

    As I'm now catching up I'd like to say what a beautiful place you went to on holiday. A beautiful log cabin with the man you love. Totally perfect.

  5. I love the stamped logo. Very cleaver! The bag looks fabulous!

  6. Love the new bag...I'm really pedantic about bag straps too. They have to be the exact length that I want or I won't use the bag!

  7. I too prefer bags I can sling over my shoulder. This one is lovely, you should go into production!

  8. It is a pretty bag, there is place for everything, I love pockets! And linen is a fine choice! Well done!

  9. I like that bag. It looks like it would be very comfortable to wear!

    Have a Nice Day!


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