Thursday 28 August 2008

Changing colours

The summer is ending. Today it has been raining all day, but I still went for my walk, wearing raincoat and rain trousers. The sound of the trouser legs sweeping the knee of the other leg reminded me of the woosh-woosh sounds of little kids wearing their rain overalls. I can even remember my own woosh-woosh, which was very embarrassing because I was a big girl, 7 years old. I didn't have to wear those overalls to school, only when I was playing in our own yard and sandbox. - I have been walking every day this week, and this picture of the changing colours in nature was taken on Monday.

On Tuesday I picked red currants in my FIL's garden. It was a bit late, usually I pick them when the school starts in mid August.

The berries were in perfect condition and one bucket not quite full gave me almost 5 litres of juice. If the weather is dry tomorrow, I may pick another 10 litre bucket of these. It is my harvest time; next I will start cooking apple jam.

Colours are changing in the kitchen, too. Remember the "stranger quilt"? I couldn't think of a suitable border and backing for that quilt from my stash, so I dyed one old sheet with Dylon:

(I also dyed two fingers of my right hand, because there was a little hole between the fingers of the other glove.)

This is the border fabric, the flash changed the colour. It should be 'deep violet'. I tried to make the border fabric a little darker by putting it in the dye 15 minutes before the rest of the fabric. The fabrics are now hanging on the washline, and tomorrow I'll continue with the quilt.


  1. I love the red colors of the current berries. We don't have anything like that here in the desert of Utah. I bet the juice is wonderful!

  2. those redcurrants look delicious! It has rained here too for the last three days, teribble light for photographs.

  3. I love your pictures, the colours turned out so good! All the reds look so delicious!!! The juice, hmmm!
    I'm looking to seeing your "stranger quilt"! How did you sew the rolls together?

  4. It rained here all day yesterday too, and so far this morning does not look any better. Hard to take nice pictures in the rain.
    Love those changing leaves.. that picture is so pretty. And the berries are gorgeous. I don't know of anyone growing them here.
    Cannot wait to see your stranger quilt! I am sewing the binding on my summer stash today.. I just have to keep at it but wanted to visit my friends too!

  5. Hej Ulla och vilka underbara färger i ditt kök. Nu ser vi fram emot en mysig höst och tänk så mycket vi kan "skörda" efter denna sommar.
    Ha en skön vecka - vi åker till Legoland i Danmark över helgen.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!!


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