Saturday 16 August 2008

Back from Holiday

This is where I spent my short holiday this week like many times before. We go there with another couple. It is an old log drivers' cottage in North Carelia in Eastern Finland, a good 6 hours drive from home with coffee and lunch breaks. Nobody else around, no access by car, no electricity, no running water unless you run with the bucket; gas hearth and gas lamps.

Formerly logs were transported from the forest to the sawmills or cellulose works as rafts on the lakes and as loose logs downstream in the rivers and rapids. The log drivers lived in big cottages like this during the working season.

We even did the washing of the dishes outdoors, where there was better light and it was closer to the sauna where we heated the water. The little grey building in the background is the well for drinking water.

My husband P spent the time flyfishing, this picture is from the middle of a series of 14 pictures I took watching him follow a rainbow trout from the head of the rapids downstream. It was a nice 51 cm/20" fish. I went to invite him to afternoon coffee, but couldn't disturb his exciting moments. Instead I took the pictures. We were in no hurry there.

The weather wasn't all too bad, we could spend most of the daylight time outdoors. It rained many times, but after every rain was a little time without rain ;o). On Tuesday there had been no rain for a while so we ladies went for a little walk in the forest to pick blueberries. There were just a little of them, no fun picking three berries here and four there. On a good year you can pick a handful without moving your feet. We got almost one litre in a relatively short time, enough for four people for oatmeal for the two remaining mornings.

This last picture is taken in the evening on Wednesday, when we had a short moment of sunshine. The wind was still, the sun made the dark clouds behind the woods look even darker. This is our side of the shore of the lake Kattilajärvi ("Kettle lake") above the rapids.

I an environment like this I can recharge my batteries for the coming autumn and winter. A few days of simple life, getting fish, mushrooms and berries from the nature, hearing the rush of the water and sometimes a raven's cry. Back to basics. With the one you love. Who could need more?

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  1. your holiday sounds wonderful. I cannot think of a nicer way to spend a few days but from a selfish point of view it is so good to have you back!

  2. What a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing pictures of your country with us.

  3. What a charming area to go to get away from it all... I am so glad you got to have some quiet time to yourselfs. Thanks for sharing the photos... Yum, fresh blueberries and best of all, just being with good friends and your husband.
    Hugs, Beth

  4. What stunning all looks so clean and green and beautiful.

  5. it looks like the best holiday on the planet...I would love to do something like that...just gorgeous!

  6. Det verkade som om du har laddat batterierna riktigt gott. Så trevligt det verkar ha varit.
    Sommarens sista månad denna månaden och hoppas vi får en lång och skön höst...............

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I loved the picture where the dishes was washed outside. Simpel life is good sometimes..

  8. Perfect combination of peace, quiet and the simple life. I can well understand how refreshed and recharged you must feel. Did your husband catch that fish and was it delicious? Living here, I long to see rapids like that — and hear them!

  9. Oh how beautiful. I agree with Anne marie, I think my favorite photo is the one with the dishes drying outdoors.
    But DH on the rocks is really wonderful too! He looks like he is enjoying life to the fullest.

    And yes.. but it is wonderful to have you back.

  10. ahhhhh it just looks so wonderful, peaceful, idyllic.
    so fun to see different spots around the world!


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