Saturday, 23 August 2008

Proud Mother

This weekend I have reason to be proud of my children. My daughter Kaija, who introduced the blogging world to me last winter and put up this blog for me, is now the Featured Seller on Etsy.

She mentions me in her interview, so readers have been pouring to this blog like never before! If you are one of them and would like to see the quilt she mentioned, you can see it here and on many post before. The Grandmother's Garden quilt was one of the reasons I started this blog; I wanted to get the hand quilting and binding done in about two months. Doing this part in public kept me going, and the quilt with the 2,226 little hexagons was ready for the spring exhibition of my sewing group.

Now I'm working on this other quilt with a public deadline: my summer stash challenge quilt for my DH. I have finished the machine quilting with my angelic new sewing machine and sewed the bindings on by machine. Today I have been ripping off the basting threads and darning in the quilting threads. Hand sewing the binding is something I like to do when watching TV.

This year there will be lots of apples. These red ones are so sweet that they are no good for jam or pie, I just have to eat them. DH is allergic and can't eat them, so I keep giving (recycled) plastic bags full of apples to anyone who happens to come by. Soon I will start cooking jam of the other apples.

The other child to be proud of today is DS1: he had his Master of Science (Economics) degree officially yesterday. No big ceremony there, just the paper from a clark; and he could finallly close the school doors for the last time.
The DS2 keeps surprising me constantly so that I can be proud of him every day in a smaller scale than of the bigger siblings ;o)


  1. A great thanks to Kaija, without her help we wouldn't be able to read your nice posts and see your beatiful work! A good sneak peak of the summer Stash quilt! I love the pincushions, too! Tasty apples, what a pity I can't have them.
    I have a little surprise for you! Take a look at my blog!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. we are so lucky to have you here in blogland. your family is your treasure for sure. one that you have nourished with love. i'm so happy to see your quilt almost finished. looks very cosy.

  3. Kaija has done so well to be the featured seller, I am so excited for her and my visits have gone through the roof too. I don't ever want them to go down again!

  4. Congrats on your children....
    It must be very nice to se them succeed!! Mine are a bit young yet, but they still are wonderful from time to time. ( another time not so womderful, you know teens!!)
    We have only one appel at our three so I guess we will have to fight for it, hi hi..

  5. I am so glad Kaija helped get you here to the Land of Blog.. you have brought a lot of smiles and joy to many through your posts. All of your children deserve big stars for their accomplishments today :-)

  6. It is wonderful to have kids doing
    wonderful things and making a difference in life. It sounds like they have had a wonderful mom as a role model. Congratulations.
    I too am a very proud mom and glad Kaija got you hooked into b;ogging. Our lives are richer for it! It gave my daughter, Natalie and I the opportunity to be part of something together. We both have taken part of the Stash challenge and I couldn't be more pleased with the way her beautiful stash quilt turned out! Natalie at ( She talked me into doing this stash challenge even though I had just used the last of my own stash of fabric for a service project. So I had to scrabble, and still am to get mine done in time. Please take a look at the beautful quilt of memories she finished today.
    Hugs to you and your family,

  7. How fun to have you over at my blog via the stitcher's angels! I'm also very glad you would join the pink wlak on your own way :-)
    I've been walking every day, but I think I'll only post about it once a week until ocktober (the pink breastcancer month!) is here.
    Happy walking!
    And sewing, of course, - you make a lot of beautiful things!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come visit anytime! Congratulations on the wonderful accomplishments your children have attained. How lucky they are to have parents who have been supportive and so proud! LOVE your new shoulder bag - aren't bags fun to make - I know I enjoy it. Enjoy the Sticher's Angel Swap - I know i'm looking forward to it!

  9. ooooh, wie gerne würde ich einen Sack voller Äpfel mitnehmen!!!
    vom Engelchen zu Engelchen ein lieben Wink hier, meine Teilchen habe ich nun fertig, und morgen ist wieder ein neuer Tag.


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