Friday, 29 August 2008

Award, and new challenges

Suzie, the Little Busy Bee, has given me this award:

Thank you very much, Suzie! I have spent a whole week trying to decide who will get the award from me, and here is the final list of brilliant bloggers, all from our summer stash challenge group:

Amanda Jean - Crazymomquilts

Eileen - Eileen's Attic

Cheryl - Polka Dots and Rick Rack

Nanette - Freda's Hive

Nedra - Cactus Needle

It has been a pleasure to get to know these ladies and work at our quilts together this summer.

Now I have taken another challenge. Not officially, but I'm following the example of this sweet lady, and this one. Only I do my version of it. Firstly, without music. I perfer the sounds of nature to any music outdoors. Secondly, I have my walking sticks if I turn to the right and woods from our yard. They look like this, and they help me move my arms efficiently, give me support when my knee hurts and keep me in an upright position when it gets slippery. They don't look funny any longer here, everyone is used to seeing "skiers who have forgotten their skis at home".

This week I have been walking every day for at least 20 minutes. The good result for my first week is partly due to the fact that DH is in Lapland this week and can't take me to the train by car, but I try to continue the walks when he is back home. Which is after three days and two nights. Which makes me very happy and able to sleep well again.

On my morning walk on Monday I had the camera with me for little stops and to show you a bit of the surroundings here. The forest is dark and full of trees of various sizes growing very close to each other. I can't walk in this forest! I walk on the road, and I met a lady in red jacket probably going to pick mushrooms, and two ladies and a gentleman together walking a little dog. Ten cars passed during the half an hour's walk. Next time, I will go a little earlier so it will not be so crowded. I like to walk by myself.

And yes, when I turn to the left when leaving home, I'm going into the village and there I don't use the sticks unless it is really very very slippery.
EDIT later in the afternoon: after careful thinking I noticed DH comes home tomorrow night, after just this day, one more lonely night and one looong day.


  1. That is a wonderful challenge to take up. You have very pretty walking sticks!
    If I only met four people, one dog, and ten cars on my walk, I would think I was in the wilderness. Especially this time of year, because we live two blocks from the high school and the kids have been coming to band and football practice every day for a month now.
    Thank you so much for the award. I had not gotten this one yet!
    ok.. I'm off to finish my binding.. I think I can I think I can...

  2. I really like to see/ read that you are up to the challenge of walking! The walking sticks are with me sometimes, too.
    I feel that the music give me the right push and the photos gives me memories of the walks, - it feels good!
    Keep ut the spirit, - I know how easy it is to jump into the car :-)

  3. Hi Ulla, yes I am the same way if my husband is away. Fortunately that is rare now he is self employed.

    How lovely to be able to walk in such beautiful surroundings. In Autumn I miss the countryside now we live in a town- I don't see the changes as much.

    Wonderful red currants- I'm hoping my bush will give me a proper crop next year once it has settled in. I love eating them fresh -the colour is so beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the award! How very kind of you! I have a basket of walking sticks, but do I use them?... no. Keep up the good work. When the weather cools a little I will start walking again too. Today it's 106 degrees, but should start cooling off in the next few weeks.

  5. Walking sticks. What a wonderful thing. I need those! That would be great to fend off stray dogs too. Thank you so much for the blog award. How kind and thoughtful of you! The summer stash challenge has really been fun and I've gotten to read so many wonderful blogs this way. Its been a real treat. Thank you again, and thanks for all your good advice.

  6. thanks for the award, Ulla. the summer stash challenge was fun to be a part of!

  7. It is a good challenge, Ulla! I hope you are enjoying it, as the weather is now changing, it is a nice way to really feel it, you will be fit for the winter! And about the award, you deserve it!!!

  8. Hei Ulla,
    kiitos, että kävit blogillani. Voiko olla mahdollista, että meitä on kaksi kotkalaista mukana Stitchers' Angel Swapissä?


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