Saturday 29 November 2008

Blue moment

This was the view in the walking area in Järvenpää on Monday 24th:

And this was our yard yesterday, Friday 28th, at 2 p.m. when the sun was setting behind the trees. The lovely snow is almost gone.

On Wednesday I could see, where the mouse had gone in our yard. Little footprints and the tail's line on the soft snow.

I have been a little busy, finding use for some of the fabrics my sister P has kindly given to me when she moved to her present house, and some of my own leftover pieces.

I thought these little bags could be used to carry the high heels when fancy ladies are going to theatre or a visit, and they need to wear winter boots on the way there. Or they could pack a present in the bag.

I have been sewing other things too, but they are very secret!


  1. Pretty photos. Specialy de first. I love blue.

    Good weekend.

  2. secret sewing is so difficult! You are doing better than me at keeping it hidden!

  3. Those shoe bags are terrific. I like that first one.

    And hard to imagine the snow and sky looking so blue like that. Great eye you have to capture interesting photos. :-) ..the mouse!

  4. I came from Melanie's blog..what a delightful blog you have, giving me a peep into Finland :D


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