Thursday 27 November 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday 9

Time flies and it is Thursday again. A good excuse to show old things and hide the fact that I haven't finished anything I could show you! Coloradolady is hosting this fun with a Guest writer, and in her blog you find the links to other blogs participating this week.

This is an old Christmas angel made of rye straw. It is from my childhood home, and I took the picture in October when I was visiting my sister Maija in Germany. Looking at the picture now I remember that there used to be a halo behind the angel's head, made of gold paper. There were two of these, one must be from our maternal grandmother. The wings have suffered a little during all the years, but she is still shiny and beautiful.

This other, typical Finnish Christmas decoration is himmeli, also made of shiny rye straw. Our mother has made this for my sister, and she keeps it in the living room all the time. The himmeli decoration is easily breakable and needs to be stored hanging, so why not hang it so everyone can see it. In the old days the himmeli stayed in the ceiling until next summer, and a new decoration was made every year for Christmas.

This is all for this time, because all my own Christmas things are still on the attic neatly packed.


  1. Ulla,
    I enjoyed seeing something from your heritage and your childhood. they both are beautiful and to think one was made by your grandmother is special.
    These are the things to be cherished for always. Thanks for sharing.

  2. the himmeli is a beautiful piece for a living room.

  3. Hi Ulla, trying my hand at himmeli making is on my list- that and world domination in the small print I think LOL

    Thank you so much for the straws you sent- promise somethign will be made but I don't think it will be nearly as nice as the ones your mother wa able to make wuith such love and attention to detail.

  4. We don't ever see these kinds of crafts here in the US.. so pretty!! Delicate things.. Thank you for sharing the beautiful one your mother made.

    Bet Melanie has one of those things made by next week. :-D

    Thank you for the gold card award!!

  5. Sorry in my himmeli excitement I forgot to thank you for the wonderful award. :-)

    You might just be right Eileen.

  6. These are so pretty.Thanks for sharing them. You live in a beautiful place


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