Thursday 13 November 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday 7

Time seems to fly when you have too many things to do. It's time to show some vintage finds like I promised you yesterday. You can find more vintage when you go to Lisa's blog and click on the names on her list.

I have been emptying a cupboard in my sewing room (and hiding my desk under all that stuff). Mainly it was fabrics and UFOs, but there were also two great finds of antique/vintage material I had from my mother several years ago. The first was this cute little bag:

Inside was this bundle wrapped in old Christmas gift paper:

And inside were these silk twists:

And deeper in the bag was more, silk and cotton threads in many colours.

There was also an opera program with silk threads between the pages. The program was from 1938, the Gypsy Baron by Johann Strauss. Look at all the ads on the pages!

The bag has belonged to my dear great aunt S.

My mother has told me that silk must be stored in paper to protect it. Some silks have also been wrapped in fabric.

The round bottom part of the bag was stiffened with cardboard inside.

The other find was a small bag filled with unfinished (and even unstarted) embroidery projects. Here is just one colourful sample to keep you curious until next Thursday!

Now go and see what the other vintage thingies are this week. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Wow that was quite a find! Lucky you.

  2. What a great find! Love it. Can't wait to see what is coming next.

  3. What beautiful color silks..and so much! Lucky you...never knew about keeping silk wrapped in paper, thanks. Are you thinking of finishing any of the embroideries?
    Curious me, how were they marked?

  4. I'm impressed that you would keep things from 1938. I've moved so many times that I seem to clear out things like that. Wonderful threads.

  5. Those thread colors are gorgeous! And I'd photocopy that wrapping paper to use on Christmas cards - that is cool paper! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow, so many beautiful silk threads to treasure!

  7. What a beautiful little bag! I love the colors of the threads inside. I imagine they're too old to use any more.

    Love the shoes featured in the opera program.

  8. What a fun find! Also reminds me if I don't finish some of my UFOs soon they WILL BE vintage and qualify as antiques! LOL

  9. The silks are beautiful! And the old newspapers are such a treasure as well. I love the shoes too! x

  10. What beautiful glossy silks! I think it is lovely that you have so many family treasures. Are you tempted to finish off the table runner now you've re-found it?

    I've just uploaded a lot of scanned pics a lady lent son of ballet 1930s -1960s.
    On some of the newspaper clippings was 1957 news of the Suez. I scanned that too.

  11. What delightful treasures...that silk looks sooo luxurious and i love that shoe advert :)

  12. Beautiful colors and lovely embroidery! Looking forward to seeing more.

  13. What a great find; everything about it is amazing and interesting. I love that Christmas wrapping paper!

  14. Oh what a beautiful find! The silks look like new. I bet you could use them to finish the projects!
    I love the opera program too.

  15. The colors of the silk threads are
    gorgeous! I learned a lot from your
    post! Great handiwork on the apron!

  16. You have some beautiful things there.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed discovering yours.

  17. Lovely vintage thingies! Those silk threads are so gorgeous I'm tempted to reach through the screen and touch them :)

  18. oh my goodness Ulla, these things are so beautiful!! I am enjoying watching your 'sort out' too, a much bigger job than mine!

  19. Beautiful silks! Isn't it fun to open up something like that?

    I really love the embroidered piece, too. That's gorgeous! The colors are so rich. You just can't beat silk for good color and shine, despite age!

    Thanks for sending me the link - I enjoyed reading this and seeing your photos!

    Best regards,


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