Tuesday 18 November 2008

Endless job

Since last week we have been trying to rearrange our craft room in the basement. It is very difficult, because my stash is overflowing and looks like this:

I filled box after box and the piles almost reach the ceiling. But look: nothing under my desk, it can be turned 90 degrees to give space for the new shelves.

Two days later desk has been moved and six big cardboard boxes are temporarily placed under it. The pile of boxes behind the desk is also 6 boxes high.

The new shelves separate "my side" and "his side" of the room. I took the plastic drawers from our old freezer and folded my big clothing fabrics in them. I need someone to make me a frame for them like a chest of drawers. This is a long term project and a little frustrating, because there seems to be no space for sorting all the fabrics. I wish I had the inspiration, time and energy to use most of the stash!

As long as my dear old faithful Pfaff sewing machine is unavailable for use, I work upstairs with the Husqvarna.

I have made some Christmas things for the Christmas shop grand opening on Saturday this week at Villa Cooper. I will have a table for my stuff in the garden and I hope there will be others as well. The shop is being decorated for Christmas this week, and I hope to have time to take some pictures indoors on Saturday. Of course I also hope to be busy selling my things outdoors! So far the weather forecast is good and thre should be no rain or snow, but the temperature is around the freezing point and I need to dress very warm.

Last Saturday I was making Christmas cards with some mothers of special needs children at their club house in Helsinki. This was the third time for me "playing teacher" there, and it was great fun. Some mothers were making strings of beads to keep their keys, access cards or mobile phones easily available. That looked like fun, too. We had no Christmas music, but just being together and making christmassy things finally got me in the mood. My head is full of ideas I want to try, for the shop and as gifts, and still here I am sitting by the computer and blogging away valuable crafting time! Now I need to put me a rule: I need to have sewn something before I can come back to the screen. A small project all done, or a good part of a bigger one. I'll report my results when I show the vintage table cloths on Thursday.


  1. Its so hard to keep the stash organised..... mine is out of control too!

  2. I think your organization is coming along quite nicely!

  3. Ulla,
    Hi! If I would have had any kind of stash it would have been helpful for our stash challenge!
    You sweet friend have several store fulls lol! Good luck on the organizing. I have a closet so jammed full of craft supplies I can't find what I need. I too am starting the organizing....;[

  4. That is not an easy task, but when it is done you will have a nice craft/sewing room!!!
    Best sells to you at Villa Cooper! I'm also at a Hotel during the weekend, it is a lovely place and I have manged to get things done, so let's hope customers will be coming!

  5. ooo.. you actually have a very pretty basement. It's going to be great when you're done!

    And the crafts you were working on with the "kids".. that is really wonderful. I like the little fabric baskets back there with the tied corners. What a good idea for keeping things tidy in.

  6. Well done Ulla you are making huge progress. That is what our house was looking like with things just piled high. I have a merchant's chest in my daughter's room for FQ's and what yardage will fit in. It can't be moved as her aquarium is on top of it. Would a merchant's chest suit your stash?

    I've been doing that with my blogging- waiting until I have a something to show or a week which ever happens sooner.


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