Thursday, 20 November 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday 8

Suddenly it is Thursday again and vintage day. Coloradolady is now hosting this fun. Pop in there and you will find links to other blogs with vintage treasures.

Last week I showed you the contents of a bag filled with silk twists, and one little table runner with silk embroidery. Now you can see what else was in the bag .

This is a tea-cosy, with the embroidery started on one side. All these patterns are bought with the blue print on the fabric, and in most cases the sewing threads included.

This is a bigger tea-cosy, again from the early years of 1900.

This was supposed to be a collar for a lady.

The Rosy corner of a long table runner in broderie anglaise.

First they cut a hole and then they have to mend it with pretty stitches! No wonder this wasn't finished.

This was the best I could do with this black silk with Chrysanthemum embroidery in orange and rust coloured silks. A cushion cover.

And finally the project I'm considering to finish, as it uses cotton floss (more suitable for my hands and skills!):

It's a biggish coffee table cloth with over half of the embroidery already done. This could be a nice summer project.

That was all from my treasure bag. Next week I'll find something more suitable for the season.


  1. Great items. I love the last project that needs finishing, it is very pretty. Thanks for showing what else was in the bag.

    Your link worked, it is just different than the one I am used to, I will have this figured out by next week. But...yours is there! Click back on the box and you will see it.

    Have a great week.

  2. These are so lovely-the black silk piece with orange and rust chrysanthemums is so exquisite and I loved seeing the lace-work piece but you're right-way too much work. The table topper seems like a great summer project. BTW the link worked!

  3. WOW what gorgeous treasures to stitch :)

  4. you may want to try to link back to VTT again. sorry for the problems. I will sort it out.

  5. How lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'd work on the last one also. Maybe you could have a "bee" and everyone could work on one of the projects.

  7. Jealous, green with envy and more!

  8. Amazing embroidery work! I would finish it if I knew how!!!! :)

  9. Gosh that is lovely work, I don't know if I could be that patient but it sure is nice.

  10. Those are lovely. I really want to learn to embroider.

  11. I always found "broderie anglaise" to be fascinating. Very beautiful.. but my what a lot of fussy work!
    Pretty pretty things.. I love them all.

  12. Wonderful bag of treasure Ulla! Yes yes get the tabelcloth finished i really deserves it. :-) I love the rich colours of your chrysanthemums.

    In England there is a tradition of cut work- where the hole is sealed with buttonhole stitch. There is also something similar called drawn work, where threads are removed in a line for decoration. I do have some of this I ought to show.

  13. Those are lovely - Ist say I'm quite partial to the black silk with the chrysanthemums. Have fun emroidering!

  14. How beautiful! You are so lucky to have these!!


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