Friday, 7 November 2008

One year later

The pond by the school centre tonight, one year after our world changed. It was a chilly day and the water was partially covered with thin ice. By tomorrow morning the chain of candles will reach around the pond, like caring thoughts embracing the village and its people.


  1. Ulla, I did no know about this happening. It sounds very much like our tragedy here in the US with Columbine High School in
    1999. Hard to imagine.. and such sadness.

  2. My thoughts are with all the people, it is impossible to forget...

  3. What a lovely and thoughtful way for everyone to know that they are part of a caring comunity. A mental hug when words fail. I hope it will help the healing.

  4. I send you my love over the internett, words is not enought at all!
    Please take care !

  5. Ulla, we have our own rememberence sunday here in the UK tomorrow. As we fall silent at 11 a.m I will have thoughts of you too.


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