Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas baking

Yesterday I baked the first Christmas baking of the year, traditional star shaped tarts filled with plum marmalade. Traditionally, I bake them using ready made puff pastry and ready made plum marmalade, so they are the easiest ever. I cut the stars this way so the points will not be too long and burn easily.

After baking, I sprinkled them with icing sugar, packed in a tin and took them to the sewing class. We always bring something for the last class before Christmas, and I brought the pastries this time.

We had some hot glögi, gingerbread and chocolates too, and a little less sewing.


  1. I'll bet those are as delicious as they are pretty and festive looking.

  2. Those look delicious...and DO-able!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice being new to your blog;great seeing the delicios cakes! Will be looking for plum jam,as this easy way may be right up my alley:-) I am sure you had a lovely sewing meeting.

  4. They look delicious, Ulla! I enjoy backing at Christmas time, it has something especial about it.

  5. I bought some at the church bazaar and ate them all myself over the next couple of days. Selfish of me but I did offer and no one else wanted any. Having ready-made pastry and marmalade really made short work of your baking.

  6. So pretty as well as tasty. You could do something similar in stiff fabric with another fabric in the centre.

    Sounds like a lovely day.

  7. Dein Weihnachtsgebäck sieht verlockend aus. Ich habe erst gestern mit der traditionellen Weihnachtsbäckerei (Guetzli) angefangen, sonst hätten wir wahrscheinlich am Weihnachtstag keine mehr. Meine Familie liebt die verschiedenen Guetzlis sehr. Es gibt ja sooo viele herrliche Rezepte.
    Lieben Gruss


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