Monday, 12 December 2011


I have been crocheting some potholders for Christmas for someone who doesn't read my blog so I can finally show something I have done. The super soft cotton is a Christmas gift from Stephanie last year. The brown striped one will be for me.

This morning there were hardly any clouds left, and I saw the almost full moon through the naked trees behind our woodshed.


  1. Very nice gifts. Terrific night photo of the moon. Looks almost eerie.

  2. I like to crochet during summer outside in the garden, that's when I do a lot and have fun, isn't it funny? Now that's cold I prefer to knit. It really looks cold....

  3. you and i are of the same mind, but i can only show a little of mine so far. Your garden shed looks very bleak, the trees very black, and the moon is so brilliant.

  4. Such pretty potholders! Love the photo, Ulla. It looks cold and bleak but beautiful at the same time!

  5. Your pot holders are looking awesome! Your picture makes me cold just looking at it. Not as cold here in California. Not where we live anyway. It the mountains where the snow falls is definitely colder!


  6. Your crochet is beautiful. I have sock needles working at the moment. I am missing having light mornings here.


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