Friday 2 December 2011

Stash Use Report of November

This is the second picture of my Advent calendar, from last Saturday's Christmas parade. The tonttu elves were from a gymnastics and sports club I think, and they were showing the audience some tonttu warm-up moves while I was warming up with a cinnamon latte. The Piggy is still my favourite!

Another month has ended and I added up my fabric statistics. I have been good, again, and not bought any fabric. The use has been very moderate, too, even when it includes 10 pairs of undies, two pairs of long trousers, several dresses and tops and skirts. With some secret projects, my fabric use adds up to 1.5 m for the whole month of November, because the clothes were all this size only:

I hope to finish several projects during the weekend so I could mail them on Monday. I always seem to start later than others and work better under slight pressure, but I refuse to take any stress because it is not good for me or anyone. I can face it if I don't get something done. So should you. Take it easy!


  1. The elves are cute and the pig!
    Dolls are wonderfully dressed. Even if it didn't use much stash.

    See you tomorrow

  2. Love the dolls.
    How do you cope with such little daylight hours. I'm moaning and we have a little more than you.

    Jo xx

  3. I love yout new header Ulla and your dolls are ever so cute!!
    My meeting with Melanie went very well and we had a great time visiting Camden Market in North of London. We talked about next time we will meet it will be in Birmingham and you must come too !!!
    If it will happen next fall or the year after is not importent ;-))

    Take care and have fun !!

  4. Those are my sentiments exactly. I refuse to stress over something not getting done. I can only do what I can do. I hope your weekend is productive. I have plans to get some Karjalan piirakka tomorrow from the Finnish church.

  5. Oh, your cinnamon latte must have been so good while watching the cute elves! I now think our weather here is colder than in Finland! The dolls turned out so cute, Ulla! I think I'm feeling the same pressure your are, and when I do, I just go to the kitchen and make another latte - lol!

  6. Sweet dolls and so much hair work!
    Four children will be very happy again.


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