Tuesday 6 December 2011

Independence Day

Today is the Finnish Independence Day. Traditionally we light two candles on every window at six o'clock in the evening for two hours. I remember how exciting it was to be in charge of the candles at our school, our own classroom probably and maybe another. The electric lights were off, just the candles lit the dark December evening, and the school was quiet, with just the candle watches on each floor. They must have used electric candles for ages now, but no accidents ever happened while I was young.

Last night we finally had the first snow. It had been raining a little during the day, but in the afternoon the pavements were suddenly icy as the temperature dropped below freezing point. And then came the snow, amazingly big snowflakes. In an hour it was over, but the snow has remained on the ground. It is like someone turned the lights back on again. The ground is no longer black, sucking all the light from the headlights and street lamps, but white and reflecting the light back. Winter, you are welcome!


  1. Ulla what a lovely tradition I like the candelstick and the amazing photo.
    I remember big sticky snowflakes. Memories.

  2. It all looks very beautiful, and the candle lighting is a lovely tradition, very warming i should think.

  3. Happy Independence Day to you!

  4. Such a nice tradition, Ulla! Your candles look so pretty in the window against the snow, too! I'm glad the "lights" are back on now for your long winter!

  5. I like your tradition of candles and quiet contemplation. (Our celebration of independance is loud and quite dangerous!) And I love the big flake snows. Brings back some really heartwarming memories. Thanks Ulla!

  6. What a lovely way to celebrate a holiday. Stay warm and happy sewing.

  7. Ich bin gerade am Nachlesen und Oeffnen deines täglichen Adventskalenders und sehe heute deinen Bericht über den finnischen Nationalfeiertag. Den Brauch mit den zwei Kerzen die in den Fenstern für zwei Stunden brennen finde ich sehr schön. Hat die Zahl zwei (2 Kerzen, 2 Stunden) eine Bedeutung??
    Unser Nationalfeiertag am 1. Augusut wird mit viel Feuerwerk (eher laut!) gefeiert.
    Liebe Grüsse


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