Thursday 22 December 2011

Snow and mittens

Yesterday it finally snowed again.

Just a thin veil to lighten up the landscape.

On the train on Monday I knitted these tiny mittens for my niece's one-year-old son. I hope I guessed the size right, I tried to make them rather too big than too small. The pattern is borrowed from my mother who understood the needs of mothers when she made the children something to wear.

The long wrist parts help to keep the mittens on, either under the jumpsuit sleeves or, as they are wide, drawn over them.


  1. lovely snuggly little mittens and your snow looks so much like a web of stitching. all wonderful to see.

  2. So, you'll probably be having a white Christmas!
    Love the mittens. And those long wrists are also great to keep the wrests warm! I always have trouble with that.
    Happy niece!
    PS: word verification: BLESS

  3. It looks so very beautiful ... and so very cold!

    Merry Christmas, Ulla. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family. Stay warm!

  4. Your mother was a clever woman. I've never seen mittens with a log cuff. So sensiable. Ours were kept on by clips like you use on suspenders or a string that ran from one sleve across your back to the other sleve.

    The snow is so nice to see. I like the icing sugar look fresh snow has.

  5. You have a Winter Wonderland. I'll bet if the colorful red mittens fall into the snow they'll be easy to spot. I love the color and they'll be perfect for warming the little ones hands.

  6. Love the mittens..nice and long!! And very festive!
    Looks like a white Christmas for YOU!! ENJOY!!

  7. The mittens look so cosy. Perfect for the snow. I made a thread linking my children's mittens which was then threaded through the arms of their coats and snow suits. That way no mitten was lost. :-)

  8. I love the snow photos. You knit quickly if you managed to make these on your train ride.


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