Saturday, 3 December 2011

Third day

There is still no snow, just some frost in the night. This is moss in our yard. There is beauty in small details if you look at them closely.


  1. So delicate. Fairy Frost I like it.

  2. Hi Ulla, Is it cold enough to snow, but just no clouds to produce it? Superior Wisconsin on the west our Great Lake Superior, is like that. It is cold enough to snow, but lots of times just no clouds. We just say it's too cold to snow.The Westerlies (the wind) blow the moisture and cold to Buffalo New York, and they get record breaking snows. Hope you get yours soon. I bet it's hard to feel like Christmas without the snow. We lived in snow country for about half our lives, but we still have trouble realizing Christmas is coming here in California - no snow in this part of the state.

  3. So beautiful, Ulla! It's the little things that count, don't you think?

  4. I like your festive door wreath, and i spy everlasting daisies there, helichrysum, they look like Aussies.

  5. Ulla, I just love your photos and your header is making me homesick!! I want to see a REAL wreath! Thanks for that!

  6. Your wreath banner is beautiful. While visiting my mom recently it was quite cold in the desert. Crisp, clear, gorgeous skies, and ice on the fountains.


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