Monday 5 December 2011

Finishing school

A week ago I took this picture of a cygnet spreading his wings. It was the last I saw of our swan family this year. They really stayed as long as they could, practicing their flight and filling up their energy storage for the big migration to warmer conditions. This pond lies next to the School Centre and is thus called the School Pond, so it is a perfect place to learn to swim and take off, fly, and make a smooth landing in water again. You can see how icy cold the water looked on that cloudy day. A few days later it was frozen over, but the ice melted away again because the temperatures keep above the freezing point for most of the time.


  1. how very appropriate to learn to fly at school. thanks for showing us the last test flight.

  2. The swans here have a signet but the male is very protective and keeps his family as hidden in the rushes as possiable. No photos yet.
    Burr it looks cold.

  3. What a healthy looking swan, Ulla! He looks big and strong and handsome. Perhaps he'll return next spring with a mate!


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