Tuesday 4 March 2008

My new book and new plans

This is the new book Kaija brought me for by coming birthday:

There is only very little English text in the book, but the pictures are inspiring and beautiful, and there are drawn instructions in the "How to make" part of the book. I already started making one bag, or my version of it. I just had to start, because I bought this at the fair:

"This" means now the floral print at the bottom. I got the book before we went to the fair, and when I saw the print I knew I could use it with some natural coloured linen for my favourite bag from the book.
I know I have not finished the second tactile book I have been working on, and of course there is the hand quilting to do. (Household chores don't count, because I keep doing most of them, and the rest can wait.) Sometimes a girl just needs to do something else instead of the things she should be doing. And so do I, in case I don't count as a girl any more, being a mother of three grown up children. If there is a sewing/crafting person out there who always finishes one project before starting any new ones, please come forward. You must be a very special person!
And, by the way, my pinwheel block was on the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog today, in the bottom row of a group of nine blocks.


  1. your book looks lovely. I have two japanese pattern books, no english in them, but the illustrations are to die for!

  2. Hej där i Finland........för det är det väl? Var? Det varckra landet där har jag tillbringat många, många dagar.....i mitt förra "liv" dvs när jag var ung.
    Tack för din positiva kommentar på min blogg. Väggen är min "samlarvägg" och har många glada minnen i minnet.
    Det är lika kul varje gång man går in på sin blogg för att titta. Din ängel var så mysig, det är härligt att ha kvar sina tidigare "små konstverk" och de glädjer i alla lägen.
    Ha en skön lördag
    Med positiv hälsning Ewa-Christine


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