Friday 14 March 2008

Spring is here?

This year there has not been a thermic winter in Southern Finland at all. That would require five consecutive days with the maximal temperature of 5 degrees below freezing point. There have been colder temperatures but they never lasted for many days. The picture is from yesterday, taken from my kitchen window and showing our carage. That in the air is räntää or wet snow once again.

I had a busy day starting early with sewing, having a massage after lunch - that is my luxury part of life to keep me going, every three weeks - and in the afternoon and in the evening train trips to town. I finished the tote I started a while ago from the Japanese quilt book:

It turned out all right with a little ironing. The bumps caused by quilting went away. On the other side the buttons are white and there are six of them. In the original there were glass beads. The floral print is from the craft fair, the rest is linen from my stash.

Inside is a zippered pocket and a string with a clasp (?) for the key ring. (I don't know the correct Finnish word so it's difficult to find a translation!) The inside picture didn't show anything but red, so I won't show that.


  1. Hello! I'm visiting you for the first time, came here from Gunnel. Now I've spent a lot of time reading all your posts....Lovely work, I love the quilt made of your father's shirts. And your new bag is great!!(The story about listening to the radio as a child was VERY familiar and you made me smile) You are the first Finnish blogger I've visited, and -I'm already looking forward to visit you again......!
    Lise in Oslo

  2. Hej där och tusen tack för kommentaren på min blogg.
    Som ny bloggare så är det kul att varva nytt med äldre eller hur.
    Så var jag bara tvungen att gå till dig och titta!!!!!
    Och vet du, mitt favorittyg som jag precis inhandlat var "rosor" så nu ser jag hur fint det blir till mina mini-art-quilts och dina väskor är ju otroligt vackra.
    Ha en trevlig helg
    Med positiv hälsning Ewa-Christine

  3. Tack, Ewa-Christine! I den här väskan kunde jag använda smala restbitar av linne, det är 12 bitar tillsammans. Och de röda bitarna är mycket små, också från små restbitar.

  4. Hi. The bag looks great. I also love your garage! Will get back to you soon on that e-mail.

  5. The garage is good. The smaller door go to a storage room where we can, you know, keep things that cannot be thrown away ... And of course skis and bicycles and garden chairs and garden tools. We had to build an extension because the old carage (higher part)with a new door was too small for our new car at that time. Now we can keep the lawn mowers in the old one.


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