Thursday 20 March 2008

Vintage children's book illustration, day 4

This beautiful picture is by Ota Janecek, copyright 1968 Artia Praha, and the book is Children's Paradise. Original poems are by Frantisek Halas and the Finnish translation by Aale Tynni. The book is full of beautiful aquarelles. Here is another one:

I always liked horses but didn't ride before i was 50. Then I had my first try safely with the teacher holding my horse by the halter strap. I tried it two more times, so now I have some riding experience!

This is one of my dearest books from my own childhood. I know almost all the verses by heart. My youngest son learnt his first words from this horse verse I kept "singing" (very poorly) to him. - My mother had a stuffed Bonzo dog just like this baby has:

This last picture is with my initial letter U and the name is Ulla, but it is not the little girl's name but the little lamb! I had this book probably at Easter 14.4.1954. The illustration is by Helga Sjöstedt, the book's name is Pikku-Marjan eläinkirja, or Little Mary's book of animals. Published by WSOY 1953.


  1. These pictures are just absolutely beautiful. And the pages do look loved.

  2. Thanks for your latest posts Ulla, I really have enjoyed the books. I've read all the books about " The Mummis" - little My is my favourite!!

  3. Hej Ulla och Riktigt Glad Påsk
    Vilken underbar bok, jag tror att du som jag är samlare, stämmer det?
    Jag är också mycket förtjust i dessa gamla böcker, det är också en skatt. Bloggandet är ett smidigt sätt att hitta likasinnade inser jag.
    Påskhälsningar Ewa-christine


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