Monday 10 March 2008

Sunday lunch recipe

The weekend has gone and I haven't done anything sewing-related. I have been cleaning and washing and cooking instead, and now I feel full of sewing energy again. I even cooked so much for our big family dinner on Sunday that I don't need to make lunch today, just warm up the rest of our yesterday's merimiespihvi. This is one of my favourites, my mother used to make it often for Sundays in winter when we were a big family. It is made of sliced (raw) potatoes, beef (slices fried in a pan), and fried onion rings and a couple of carrots sliced as well, for colour. The incredients are layered in a ceramic pot, starting with potatoes. Top layer is also potato slices. Add some bay leaves and peppers, a little salt on each potato layer. Then add a strong broth, almost reaching the top. Put it in the oven for 2 hours or more, 180 degrees C. Put a lid on the pot when the potatoes start getting brown. Yum! Serve with pickled cucumbers, red beet and lingonberry jam. For 1 kg of beef I would use 10-14 average size potatoes, one carrot and two big onions.

As I was so busy cleaning, I also needed to put something on the table after taking all my tactile book stuff (Yes, it has occupied our big dining table this long. We eat in the kitchen.) and my ironing to the bedroom. I chose this little runner I made a couple of years ago for Easter, which is this year very early, next week.

I'm experiencing serious difficulties with uploading the photos. I'll go and put some new laundry in the washing machine and hang the first load, and try again.

Yes, a break is always good. Five attempts before going to the cellar, and now on first attempt the pictures are here. This Easter flower is made with the paper-piecing method, where the patchwork is sewn with a paper pattern on the reverse, along the lines. This makes it easy to make small details correct and all blocks alike.

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  1. I sympathise with your picture loading problems! Server error? Big Nuisance! Love the table runner!


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