Wednesday 12 March 2008

Publishing my new book

Yesterday I had once again lovely mail: Karen sent me the pincushion I won in her giveaway. It will be my "public" pincushion I can boast with in the sewing class! Here is a group photo of all my pincushions:

The white pretty one is the one Karen made. The other round one has an elastic band to hold it on my wrist, but I never learnt to use it. My daughter made it for me as a schoolgirl. She later made the brown one with polka dots. It is very good to keep by the sewing machine: it's big and easy to hit even when not looking, and it stays on place because of the heavy filling. It is filled with used, curly wool yarn from not mendable mittens and socks. The last one is a Cathedral Window experiment by me.

This morning I finally finished the tactile book for advanced readers.

This one has a plot, as you can see on the cover.

Soon will be spring with first flowers and migrating birds.

Then comes summer with strawberries and an abundance of flowers and butterflies.

In autumn there will be mushrooms, and the leaves turn yellow, red and brown.

And then comes Christmas and winter with snow. And then you can start from the beginning, because after winter there will be spring.


  1. The pincushions look lovely together! Well done with the book, it's great, so much thought has gone into it.

  2. Så fin samling md nåldynor du har! Och Karen gör så fina grejer! Din bok är fin, så taktil. Kanske är det så som du säger att vi har en skandnavisk stil! Du förstår svenska inte sant!?

  3. Ja Gunnel, jag förstår svenska och det går också att skriva när jag får "tänka långsamt" - att tala är mycket svårare.
    Jag har gjort tidigare några böcker för synskadade och andra handikappade barn. Det är roligt att hitta på ytor som känns passande för bilderna.

  4. The book is so lovely, I love that you can start it again once you get to the end!


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