Wednesday 19 March 2008

Vintage children's book illustration week, 2

This is my second post today, just to catch up with the illustration week. This is The Tall Book of Mother Goose, traditional English nursery rhymes in Finnish by Kirsi Kunnas and including over 30 of her own poems. Illustration by Feodor Rojankovski, original copyright 1942 by Artists and Writers Guild, Inc. This is published by WSOY in 1982, I bought it for my children, but we had the exactly same book when I was little. I always liked the unusual form of this book and The Tall Book of Nursery Tales, but wasn't too keen on the illustration. I loved the rhymes and therefore bought the books later. My kids never liked them really.

This is Humpty Dumpty in English, I think. - And they want the rain to go away.

And This little piggy went ...


  1. Ulla these books are lovely. I still have lots and lots of books from when my children were little. Hopefully one day my grandchildren will read them!

  2. Reading has always been important in my family, and luckily all my children enjoy it too. I'm much better at reading to than playing with children.


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