Friday 28 March 2008

What happens when the country girl goes to town

This week I joined the Fabric diet 2008, like I told you before. It seems to be going as well as my other diets: Yesterday I was in Helsinki for some important shopping and I had a little time for myself as well. I went to the big fabric shop near the railway station and bought 2.5 m fabrics. Then I went to Ateneum, the art museum, to see an exhibition of the works of Pekka Halonen, who has lived in this area in the beginning of the 20th century. This is the art museum Ateneum:

And this is how Helsinki was yesterday, now that we finally did get the winter that didn't come when it was time.

Then I came to Järvenpää like every Thursday, and went to the fabric shop that is moving back to its old address further away, so I had to shop a little because next week it is too late: 3 m fabrics. And I haven't used any, because I have been busy doing real things and stitching the big quilt. I have also gained some weight, thanks to all the Mignon eggs. These are Easter eggs with 52 g nougat chocolate in a real egg shell. No little rings or toy surprises for me, I want the real thing: chocolate.


  1. Hej där
    Ja du gamla tyger är som gott årgångsvin eller hur? Det är en skön känsla att arbeta i. Men detta med tygdiet, klarar du det?
    Trevlig helg

  2. Jag måste klara det, annars har jag inte längre rum för mitt symaskin! När jag har fått Grandmother's Garden färdig så har jag tid för nya arbeten och mycket ideer för dem, allt av restbitar.

  3. Lucky you going to Helsinki! I have been to Stockholm and Oslo, maybe helsinki will be next!

  4. Helsinki is not so very far away, it is only half an hour's train ride from here. My days are scheduled in such a way that I always need special arrangements to go there. But it is a nice place, welcome to see it!

  5. Jag gillar dina tyger. Fina gamla som ser ut att ha charm. Kommer säkert att bli fina quiltar!


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