Saturday 29 March 2008

Tidying up my stash

This is what I have been doing this morning. I'm arranging and organizing my chaos with a new set of plastic boxes. Optimistically I chose five of these 30 l boxes and three 16 l boxes for small pieces. They are all rather tightly packed now, and I only emptied one big cardboard box and some plastic bags. Then I emptied one huge black carbage bin liner and filled the big box I just emptied.

I could only take detail photos like these, because this is the only visible change in the room. Even I could not tell that the fabric mountains are a little smaller. The rest of my side of the room is still a mess. Imagine a teenager sharing a room with a toddler, and a mother who couldn't care less, and you get the general idea of my sewing room. At the other end lives the tidy nerd big brother who minds his own business and keeps his desk tidy. That is my husband's side. I love him very much and he must love me at least as much, because we can work there very peacefully.

I made some interesting finds digging through the archaeological layers of plastic bags. There were leftover blocks from old quilting projects and interesting, big pieces of fabric. This will make it a lot easier for me to keep my fabric diet.

I have spent too many hours reading interesting
blogs with the words "stash" and "scraps" and many new ideas are bouncing in my head. I feel like quilting something small that will be rady in no time, but I also would like to try out more ideas from my Japanese Patchwork book, and there are so many bags just waiting to be made. The first thing I ought to do is a lightweight bag for groceries. I always carry a used plastic bag in my shoulder bag (for international readers: Finnish groceries use thicker, big plastic bags which can be used for heavy shopping many, many times if you want to), but a fabric bag would be a better message against global warming. I found many interesting fabrics suitable for this purpose. Some of them were in the depths of the bin liner, a cupboard cleaning project of my sister who moved to a new house a couple of years ago and shifted her stash to my cellar.

Today at six o'clock my time I will write down the names for the giveaway and my son will pick up one. Chances to win the potholders are very good at the moment ;) so if you are interested there is still some time to participate by commenting on the post titled Giveaway!.


  1. I keep hearing about the fabric diet. But I know I'd never stick to it. Love looking at your fabric stash.. so much fun. I can see a lot of "go green" bags in there too. That is the term we use in the USA for saving energy and the planet. Hope you show 'n' tell when you get some made.

  2. My fabric diet is not in a very good shape either; I have bought nearly 30 meters/yards of fabric this year and made one bag, one mini baby quilt and a couple of children's books using some of the new fabrics. Plus worked on my eternity project for which I used 3.4 m new fabric for the backing. But I'm trying!


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