Monday, 14 April 2008

Finishing projects started by previous generations

This is the tea cosy I told you about in my post yesterday. My grandmother or her younger sister, our spare-grandmother (they lived in the same household), started the embroidery at the time this was a fashionable design. I embroidered some cherries on this side and the most part of the other side and made the lining. My grandmother and her sister were both born in the 19th century, and this project most probably is from the time before the second WW.

This second tea cosy I only put together, it was all embroidered by either one of the sisters in the early part of last century. I really like both of them and I use them when I serve coffee with my fine coffee pot. Maybe three times a year. We don't often have visitors.


  1. Wow Ulla. These are absolutely beautiful. I will visit you for coffee so I can see these in 'real life'. Gorgeous.

  2. Then I can use both of them for I'll drink tea and you can have coffee!

  3. Hei Ullaseni
    I really remember both of these wonderful things, even that time they were not completed yet.
    I am happy to see you did it and sure that our grandmother and our grandaunt are very proud of you.

  4. The cherry one is beautiful, but that white one is stunning needlework! I like how your put the red behind it to show off the eyelettes.

  5. Så trevligt det är med "återbruk" Jag har en speciell realtion till vitt, det kommer du att se vad tiden lider. Men lite finns med redan i mitt galleri!!!


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