Thursday, 3 April 2008

Which binding?

Now you have a chance to express your opinion and tell me which fabric I should use for the binding of the new baby quilt I have almost made:

The options are from the left: A) plaid like in the Friendship Star, B) blue floral print on white, or C) white floral print on blue. D) would be the heart print used in the pinwheels and for the backing. "I like it" will be a reasonable enough argument, feel free to comment. If you convince me, I may follow your recommendation!

This was the situation last night. I hope to finish the quilt tomorrow. Everything I used was from stash!

Grandmother's garden was kind of ready stitched when I started thinking what it will look like when I have washed the quilt and the cotton batting shrinks like I've known all the time it will do. And to avoid a catastrophy (in a small scale, but personally a disaster) I decided to quilt around each middle hexagon (where the pin is) between the zigzag lines three rows apart.

That means over 200 hexagons if I counted correctly. And that means that I should have started quilting around the blocks to emphasize their form instead of trying to make less and end up doing something that may be described as "interesting" or "a personal view". And at least as much work.
So, help me, which binding for the little pinwheel quilt?


  1. I like the blue white check-gingham or do you call it plaid? Your quilts look amazing.

  2. Definitely the check. The quilting looks great.

  3. Were you subconsciously afraid of running out of things to do/actually finishing this project when you started quilting?

    I say use ruutu :)

  4. For a little boy, I would use the gingham.
    Your grandmother's garden quilt is gorgeous! And your tiny neat hand quilting looks very nice. ;)

  5. Thank you for the amazingly unanimous vote: check-gingham it is. I also learned new names for different types for fabrics with rectangular patterns ;).
    Kaija, I don't know what I was thinking when I started quilting, but you will receive a personal and unique quilt when it is finished for good.

  6. I'm so used to looking at art quilt, my first thought when I saw the saftey pins, I thought they were embellishments.


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