Friday, 18 April 2008


There it is! My Grandmother's garden quilt took the summers of eleven years, a long maturing period of four and a half years and finally two months of rather intensive quilting with the support of my virtual friends and my sewing group. I feel a little empty now. Yesterday was busy, I cut and sewed the bindings and finally signed the quilt. Then I put it in the washing machine, and this morning it was dry. The wadding didn't shrink as much as I was afraid it might do. The colours and the feel of the quilt are fresher now. I had storaged the blocks in a basket for the long period this quilt needed to be finished, and they were dusty. I also had marked the blocks with masking tape (not to be recommended!) and left the tapes there for several years. The stains washed away! I had already bought some acetone for stain removal, but luckily I don't need it for this.

My embroidery skills have not developed very well, but this can be read. I had to document the time spent on this quilt, although there has never before been such intensive period like this year's.
I still have to work on the hanging system, the knots in my fishing line are not totally reliable.


  1. Well done!! It looks amazing. You must be so proud of yourself, you should be.

  2. It's beautiful! Worth waiting eleven summers for.

  3. A gorgeous masterpiece! I like how you arranged the light blocks across the center and the darker ones on the ends. Really beautiful quilting too.
    Kinda sad now though I imagine. What are you going to work on now??

  4. gorgeous!
    my mother handmade one of the same design for me back in the '70s - I cherish it!


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