Monday, 7 April 2008

Planning ahead would protect you from nasty surprises

This picture has nothing to do with my current doings, but I have only been hand quilting like a maniac so there is nothing new to show. This is a group of Christmas angels I made some time ago. They are busy with baking gingerbread hearts and decorating the house with stars and red hearts, an one has notes for their chorus parctice.

My unability to think very far ahead has protected me from becoming desperate with my deadline for the Grandmother's garden quilt. You see, I just started quilting on Valentine's day and thought that April 19th is really far away. Then I noticed that my quilting lines are too far apart, so I started quilting the "middle" hexagons (over 200 of them) last week. And then, last night, it really hit my brain that there are the empty areas of the framing I used to get the edges straight. They will pucker and sack and look awful when the batting shrinks. There are four largish triangles on each long side of the quilt. By the time I finish the hundred and something hexagons still to be quilted I will have found a nice way to solve the newest problem. It will probably be appliqued hexagons with quilting around them like I'm doing now, scattered in the empty areas, or just hexagonal quilting, or both.

My teacher has promised me that unfinished work can also be exhibited, but I'm still really trying to finish by the end of next week.


  1. I hope your fingers are holding out. Ouch. Been there!
    The quilt is going to be a masterpiece.

  2. Heja på.............lycka till önskar

  3. Those little angels are adorable! I totally understand your frustration/panic/anxiety over the quilt. I suffer daily!!! Thanks for the mail about the baby...sorry I didn't reply at length I am a bit harrassed at the moment. Take care and good luck with the quilt.

  4. Hi Ulla,
    I;m taggin you. :)
    Check my blog for the rules. And if you have recently been tagged, sorry!.. but I don't know very many people yet in blogland, and this is my first time to play!

  5. Hei Ulla,
    I am sure you are going to be ready in time. Maybe that night before, but ready.
    I am with you , little sister!

  6. Hei Maija,
    you finally did it, big sister! Leaving your first ever comment can be tricky ;)
    Vaikeuksien kautta voittoon, nyt osaat tämän homman.


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