Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Go green and abandon the plastic bags!

Today I have been rather busy. In the morning I finished the second of the bags using some linen/cotton printed by Hollabee.
This is the first one, the print is Icy Blue Floating. Since it was just a little piece, I used some navy blue heavy cotton to make a shopping bag. The lining is solid dark blue, and there is a zippered pocket inside. This one I made during the weekend, so I had the photo taken on Monday!

Below is the bag I finished this morning. (Photo from Monday.) The pattern is Rubine Red Swirl.
The bag is a little smaller than the first one, and I used the whole bit of printed fabric to make the top of the bag. Therefore the outside pocket is of the navy cotton. For the lining I used the same beige checked fabric as under the kotkarankki text on my blog head. Inside pocket with zipper here too.

The rest of the day included a train trip to Kerava to meet my son after his day at work. Before I met him I had some time to got to a fabric shop I know from the early days of my life here. Luckily the shop was celebrating their 28th anniversary. For fabric purchases over 28 euro they gave 28 % discount! This was an offer very hard to resist and so I didn't ;). I bought some flannel in two baby prints for my preemie quilts and other baby quilts I have planned to make for sale. This was absolutely necessary because I don't have any flannel left for the preemie quilts' backing, and I have plans to make a girly baby quilt to go with the blue pinwheel quilt I recently finished. Maybe I feel a little better about my shopping if I start cutting the pink quilt this week.


  1. The bags are great, a good idea I think instead of all the plastic ones we use. (I do recycle any I get though)

  2. I probably think about these shopping bags at least 5 times a day.. so eventully I will have to make some. Yours aer very elaborate! Zipper inside pockets! I love the fabric prints you used too.

  3. Hi and thank you for visiting my blogg.. I have been spinning around on your blogg and had a wonderful time. I was a scout too for over 9 years and I realy loved it. Both my girls also joined and been on Campus makes lot of good memories..
    Take care and have a kreativ weekend!

  4. Hej där, vilka fantastiska kassar/bagar/väskor du kan göra. Ja återanvändning är viktigt och att tänka en smula längre också viktigt.

  5. beautiful, thank you for using my fabric for your wonderful projects.


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