Thursday, 1 May 2008

Little treasures

Today I have been planning and thinking about new projects. I know I should be making the bags I have been wanting to make, but the fabrics I intend to use to the light bags ended in the big cardboard box under all my new plastic boxes when I was rearranging my stash. And because I already made two bags, it would be fun to start a different project. These pictures are from that energy filled organizing day. This is my sewing machine:

As you can see I have very little space on the left, the edge of the table is next to my thread box corner. My serger is on the right taking some space, and further right is a set of drawers. I can't move the other machine more to the right, because there is no space for my feet. The sewing machine is a Pfaff with a built-in walking foot, which I love. I have never tried a big walking foot you can buy separately for some machines, but I'm very pleased with the little one in my machine.

These are some of the silk threads from the original Kotkarankki sewing box (see my very first post). My daughter arranged them for me when I got this new box with little drawers to keep the threads. I have used some of them, but mostly I just enjoy having all the beautiful and shiny threads.


  1. Your stash looks so exciting!! And you have a Pfaff, you are so lucky!

  2. This is something that a lot of us probably have in common.. just having the things makes us happy. :)
    Your sewing machine looks like she could do a lot of work for you! So I wonder what new project you and she are conjuring up..? :)

  3. Hei Ulla! Thanks for your nice comment of my Elgin tree!! I bought all the farics - at that time I had just started quilting, and hadn't enjoyed making my own fabrics.......I really enjoyed your post about scouts - all of a sudden lots of memories came to my mind..we have the most beautiful spring weather in Oslo now, I spend my days out door....

  4. Hej hoppas helgen varit fin. Du har hunnit med en del ser jag. Jag älskar dina silkesspolar. Vill du byta någon färg med mig. Jag söker vitt silke. Jag tror jag kan fixa blått silke om du vill ha?


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