Monday, 26 May 2008


On Saturday I received this Sweet home blogger Award from Ewa-Christine . I am honoured, as the award is for sharing, beauty, love and joy. I think I have just been writing a blog and commenting on other people's blogs. However, the very difficult part of receiving an award is to find five persons to give it to, because I don't think you can give it back or to people who have just received it. Even if they very much deserve it.

I spent yesterday and today thinking and reading blogs and decided to give it to the following bloggers:

Wendy from Snippets of a Quilter in Canada

Patti from Quilting is my Passion in Vancouver

Bricolagelife in Chicago

Blackcrow from little arty crafty crow in Tasmania

and Lara from Thornberry in Australia

Choosing only five and choosing all five was a very difficult task and I totally understand if you don't want to continue. And if you absolutely want to, you can give the award to more than five blogs. I just wanted to thank you for the time I have spent reading your blogs and seeing your pictures.

This flower from my garden is for all the other blogs I visit daily:

It is a fragrant narcissus, strong enough to survive my gardening. I had to be careful not to include any weeds, but the observant reader may recognize the wider leaves on the right. This last picture shows the limits of my gardening enthusiasm:

I have made the concrete box myself and this is the only flowerbed I can keep free from unwanted visitors for years.


  1. You flower box is so cute! Is that a Mother Hen and her Chicks? I would like to get some of those going here. I had them one year, but I killed them. How in the world did you fashion a cement box?
    The narcissus is beautiful :) And I am so glad you received the Sweet Home Award!

  2. Jag tittade på dina "bloggar" det var mycket intressanta bloggar som du valt. Så kul att du förde det vidare.

  3. Thank you so much for this award Ulla! I've finally gotten around to acknowledging it on my blog. Better late than never I guess! I've finally cleaned out my inbox, responding to so many emails that have been piling up since early May!



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