Sunday 18 May 2008

This too is how I recycle

I have been telling a lot about my recycling old clothes to quilts and bags and Uncicef dolls. But more often I recycle in the kitchen, many times every day. It is really just a choice between the bins, when you come to think about it. And of course later you take the contents to the right places. First this, it goes to the compost and will be covered with twigs and branches DH has chipped for me with his red chipping machine.

And the dirty papers, plastic bags and bottles, pudding cups and other materials including thread and fabric waste goes here, to be recycled for energy:

And the aluminium foils, glass jar lids and metal cans go here to be recycled as metals. Next to this bin I have another for glass.

Then I of course recycle the milk and orange juice containers to be used for the core rolls inside giant rolls of paper in the paper factory. In Finland 98 % of recyclable glass bottles are recycled (best result in the world), and I recycle all plastic beverage bottles as well, and get my 15 c or even 40 c back.

And that is not all: of course the clean paper like newspapers and magazines and envelopes go for making new paper, and the brown paper and cardboard are recycled their own way.

The last but not least thing to do is to avoid waste. One way of doing so is to use shopping bags instead of plastic bags. I have made this big shopping bag years ago. It is so big that it almost can hold our shopping. It will be so heavy that only my husband can carry it, and that is why I made it not feminine at all. I wanted to experiment with three-dimensional quilting, and if you look close enough you can see it was my first try. I somehow got confused when making the blue block and the corners are not right there.

Have a nice Sunday!

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  1. I think we are trying to catch up with recycling in England. I absolutely think we should, no question and I recycle everything I can, but do you know what really really annoys me, the government saying do this, you must do that you have to recycle this that and the other and then they leave lights on all night in public buildings...really winds me up!! That is my rant for the day, sorry!! Have a happy sunday.


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