Saturday, 3 May 2008

Working hard for Fabric Diet ;o)

Today I have been lonely and busy. I can't sleep well when I'm alone, so this morning I woke up at six and couldnt fall asleep any more. By eight I had had breakfast with two newspapers, washed one machine full of laundry, taken all heavy coats to the attic and started ironing. I don't want to be this effective. I'm so glad my DH is coming back tomorrow!

After I had taken the train to the next town to do some shopping and come home again, I made a mini wallet like these:

Only without the string to hang it around your neck. It is for any ATM or credit card or key card. The mini wallet protects the magnetic stripe from scratches. You just pull the tape or string which comes through the button hole, and the card glides up. I got the idea from the Quilting Arts Magazine last year. Not a very big finished project for my Fabric Diet!

And because I don't have new pictures to show, I'll show something I have made some years ago. This is a set of needle book, scissor holder and thimble case. They are made according to some Victorian patterns but I tailored the scissor holder to be perfect for my Fiskars embroidery scissors. I also made a hexagonal sewing box, but don't have a picture of it available. I was taking a course to make them, and I gave the first sewing box to Kaija. At that time she had so little sewing stuff that she could keep it all in that one box.

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  1. These are lovely pieces of work Ulla. The fabric is so unusual, I have never seen that before. I sent you an e-mail, did you get it? I can't understand why yours aren't getting through to me, it is a mystery!!


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