Monday 12 May 2008

Mystery blocks

Last night I was watching TV and finished this:

I call this toy mystery blocks, because it can be turned around in many ways and different sides of the blocks come visible.

The blocks are all connected like the ones in Rubik's cube, but in a different way. Here you allways get all blocks with the same colour visible at the same time.

The mystery blocks are meant for small children who like to examine their toys and who still will enjoy finding the dogs or the faces again after they have disappeared. It can be very soothing for a bored mother as well!


  1. These are lovely. When I have grandchildren will you make some for me??

  2. My guess was pretty close. VERY cute!! I would like to play with them myself. :)

  3. Så bedårande söta. Och sagohuset, ett fröjd för ögat. Lycklig är ordet!
    Idag kom mitt paket från dig och ett helt ortoligt trivsamt brev. Tack snälla Ulla, jag sänder ett litet paket tillbaka i slutet på veckan.
    Tack för din genorositet!!


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