Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mother's Day

Today we visited my Mother and I picked her these flowers from her garden:

This is the place where I have spent all my summers until I was twenty, and lived there until I moved away from home at the age of 23 (the last summers I was working abroad for my studies).

My heart aches every time I leave this house, because I know it will not be there forever for me to visit. My mother is 91 and lives there alone. She is very healthy and cannot imagine leaving the house. I can understand her view. On a beautiful day it is like this:

This is the sauna by the lake. I think this is a lot like paradise. There are about a million photos taken from this spot, by all of us who love Rantakoto. This is the newest, taken today.


  1. What a simply beautiful house! I bet you have had lots of adventures there! I would like to sail a little boat out on the water! Just super lovely!

  2. We had a two rowboats, and we made our own bark boats of course. I wasn't very adventurous, but I loved to sit outside on the steps of the sauna or lie on the pier and dream or read a book.

  3. It looks so very beautiful, and what lovely memories.
    Thank you SO much for visiting my blog!

  4. What a beautiful house Ulla. I can well understand how you never want to leave, and that view is amazing. Hapy mothers day for yesterday, we had our mothers day in march, it seems so long ago now.

  5. Oooooh. I do love your Mum's sweet house! I wish there was some way you could keep it. Wonderful Mother's Day post. I am so far behind here.

  6. That house looks magical! What a beautiful place to spend your summers. I feel the same heart ache for my oma's home in Germany where I spent my summers. Happy Mother's Day:)

  7. I was soooo happy there summer 1964! Aiti and Esa and the kids made my life so happy! i rowed all over, learned to take saunas, watched "dad" high up in the tree - trimming! ate so much good food people did not recognize me when i returned to the US. Linda


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