Sunday 25 May 2008

Rhubarb Pie for Sunday afternoon coffee

Today we have lovely weather for a change. It is no longer cold, and when I took this picture of our summer apple tree there were some bees to be heard, too. Last year there were hardly any blossoms in the trees and we had a total crops of six apples, all with worms or other faults. I hope this year will be better.

This is how big my rhubarbs had grown:

And so I made a pie for a Sunday afternoon treat. It is cooling now so this will be a short post only.

Can you smell the cinnamon and ginger? I'll make a big pot of tea and will be back later when my DH concentrates on the Formula 1 in Monaco (he is downstairs though!).


  1. did you make the pie with this years rhubarbs?
    i've never known when you can actually use them.

  2. Yes I did. I start using them as soon as they are about 30-40 cm long and a little thicker than a finger. Later they need to be peeled, but not yet. Just bend the stems and pull so you get all of it out, and cut the lowest part away. Just take as many as you need and leave the rest to grow. I used 3 today.

  3. Unfortunately I can't smell your pie, but I looks so yummi!!!May I have a cup of tea too??

  4. I love seeing your plants and flowering tree. Mom used to grow rhubarb and make pie. My family remembers her for that. Yours looks delicious!

  5. Suzie, I usually have a cup of tea in the afternoon at two, you are welcometo join me ;)


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